You can’t go anywhere in America without security — except at the border

Security mismeasurements

I’m into America today. And bitching and moaning about other NYC and USA shticks and tricks:

Just to attend a garden-variety low-level party, a nice refined tax-paying citizen has to show pocketbook contents. To make a plane, passengers need to primarily pass through metal detectors.

To enter certain buildings security makes them first flash government-issued driver’s licenses before they reach the elevator.

Cash a check? They’ll examine everything but your blood platelets.

And: To gain legal official access to our great country it’s years of study of questions, answers, history just to pass a patriot’s test.

But buggy batty bewildered Biden lets millions of thieves, dope peddlers, anarchists just squeeze into our country and overtake our freedoms, religion, language, professions, housing, laws, schools, hospitals.

He allows it everywhere. But not Delaware where his son, brother, sister-in-law, family does their banking.

Dems the breaks

From a fan letter, back aways: “FDR played with his secretary, Eisenhower had his lady driver, JFK did everybody, Bill and Monica we know. Now can you believe the Newark Star Ledger wrote: ‘Just close your eyes and vote for Menendez.’ Ours is a corrupt society.”

And now, the Star Ledger has dubbed him Gold Bar Bob and his political career “pointless.”

The state of moneymakers

To be called wealthy, in each state, one must earn:

West Virginia, $329,620

Mississippi, $333,597

New Mexico, $353,104

Arkansas, $377,043

Kentucky, $380,726

Indiana, $381,422

Louisiana, $384,432

Iowa, $386,152

Maine, $396,205

Alaska, $424,278

New York, $621,301

California — who cares, Tom Cruise makes more.

Luxe service with a sneer

Vuitton. Here’s how nice they are. Customer returning a brand-new untouched $14,000 leather handbag, which had been gifted one day earlier.

The buyer’s name was known but she’d misplaced the original purchase slip. They would not accept its return.

After a big hoo-hah they finally ungraciously took it back. But did not return its $900 tax.

LVMH already owns three of the shopping world’s most priceless properties. At 57th and Fifth’s four corners are Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Bulgari and they’re now scratching at Bergdorf’s.

Not so long ago, Bulgari charged over four figures to repair its own customer’s watch which wasn’t working — and took many months to return it.

Tiffany had a security person trail a shopper looking to buy just a silver chain.

Some NYC bad people are not only those outside the stores.

Sort of reminds me of when an unpaid hooker does the crossword puzzle — she only does the vertical. This way she doesn’t have to go horizontal.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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