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Owner of Mitchell Roofing, Cory Cummings Accused of Hiring Hitman and Drug Possession

Cory Cummings, a 44-year-old Mitchell businessman, is accused of threatening to hire a hitman to harm the mother of his children, leading to a recorded threat and a subsequent protection order.

ATF and DCI agents searched Cummings’ home and roofing business, discovering THC wax and a scale with meth residue.

Cummings faces multiple felony drug possession charges and misdemeanor counts, including stalking and facilitating threatening phone calls.

Released from jail, he now confronts both federal and state criminal court actions.

The ATF executed a federal search warrant on Thursday, resulting in one arrest in Aurora County, located approximately 15 miles west of Mitchell.

The charges include possession of methamphetamine and marijuana wax, along with maintaining a place for controlled substances.

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