Winter Everett Weight Loss Surgery

Get it, girl! Winter Everett has been on a public weight loss journey since first appearing as part sister Chantel EverettThe history of TLC. 90 day fiancé. During the family split, The Chantel family, Winter took a major step for her health after splitting from her long-time boyfriend. hah king and underwent weight loss surgery.

The TLC star found her inspiration on the internet after finding the “Weight Loss Barbie” scrolling through her TikTok account.

“She was telling her story about how she had bariatric surgery in Mexico,” the Atlanta, Georgia, native said in the season four premiere of The Chantel family in June 2022. “So I decided to do some research and consult with their doctors and decided this would be a great opportunity for me.”

Keep scrolling below to see before and after photos from Winter’s weight loss journey!

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