The holidays allow us to enter our grace period as a nation: let us be grateful


Entering our grace period

Professors who have never worked in their lives are now poisoning the minds of college students.

May they know that Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. For living under the freedom of Democracy. For a life in a safe place. For enough food and drinking water.

Everyone: donate to other people in need. Appreciate your good health. Volunteer in a hospital. A prayer for the opportunity to have an education. Guardian of a child. Donate to a literacy program. Recognize friendships. Make an effort to include other lonely people. Make room for one more on your table. Bring a basket to someone who is homebound.

Understand that you are loved. He say “I love you” out loud to those you care about. Get on your knees before all who give the gift of friendship.

The Ten Commandments are visible inside the Supreme Court. Be honest, respectful and peaceful. Without malice. Today good and evil are individualistic. Criminals are freed, addicts get money to buy more drugs, justice has collapsed and harm is now acceptable. Corruption, dishonesty is daily food.

Today perjury goes unpunished. Evil is legion. Hate is acceptable. Dishonesty is our daily basis.

Arrest. Be grateful. Give thanks for our blessed country.

almighty dollar

CHRISTIAN-themed films are promoting the goodness of the new times. Like the true story “Ordinary Angels”.

Hilary Swank: “Our movie makes you believe that angels are among us all.” (They should better be among our politicians).

Swank plays a small-town Kentucky barber. Local girl waiting for a liver transplant. Miracles come. With “Sound of Freedom” closing in on $240 million this summer, it could be that the movie business believes in collector plates.

Comedy examined in ‘Quiz’

Now comes “Quiz Lady” with Awkwafina, Will Ferrell, Holland Taylor, Sandra Oh.

Sandra: “I play an inappropriate character. The sister is an accountant, lives alone, watches game shows every night and loves her dog. This movie is for people with deep relationships with dogs. She convinces her sister to participate in a trivia contest to win ransom for a dog kidnapping.

Bring your dog. Also a poop bag as a Thanksgiving gift.

starry nights

They grow and are beautiful. Seinfeld’s daughter Sascha having a drink at Nublu in the East Village. . . BEFORE she left us, Anne Heche filmed “Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse.” It’s the 1975 story by Michael Martin Murphey. “50 years since ‘Wildfire’ was a song for young women who named their horses Wildfire. Now the grandmothers are not interested in me or the band, only in the horse.”

He leaves the pen in January.

Some internal work

The saga of Robert De Niro. I have no private opinion. Just know that when a stranger enters your personal world they change.

Years ago my 18 year old housekeeper sued me. I moved house and suddenly more people showed up. She had been great, loyal. When strangers get up close and personal, you may not change, but they do. She suddenly called me a racist. I wasn’t during her 18 years but that was her strategy. My lawyers handled the case. She left. Years later her people came to me asking for alms.

If you work for someone as busy and possibly demanding as De Niro. So? So what? She liked being there. If she long ago she had to scratch some part of him, so what.

Then this patient says, “Doctor, I have a constant pulsing sensation in my groin. What do you call it?”

Doctor: “Luck.”


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