Why pro-Israel Democrats should vote Republican — and for Donald Trump — in November

For the first time in recent memory, many traditional Democrats are considering leaving the party over weakening Israel support.

They should — and vote Republican in November.

The refusal to veto a one-sided United Nations Security Council resolution, the threats to cut off military assistance and the failure to condemn the Squad and its radical allies for falsely accusing Israel of genocide are alienating Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of one of our most important allies.

They believe, quite rightly, Hamas becomes emboldened and less willing to release hostages every time the Democrats wobble on Israel.

They believe that had President Biden stuck with his initial support of Israel’s need to destroy Hamas, the war might be over and hostages released by now.

The recent policy changes have actually made it more difficult to reach a cease-fire agreement in exchange for hostages.

Biden’s shift is substantially motivated by domestic political concerns this election year.

He’s concerned about losing votes from Arabs, Muslims and young radicals who oppose not only Israel’s right to defend itself but its very existence.

He seems more anxious to secure the support of the “From the river to the sea” crowd than to maintain the support of traditional pro-Israel and pro-peace Democrats.

He is wrong as a matter of both national security and domestic politics.

Our national security requires Israel to destroy Hamas and not allow terrorists to win.

If Hamas believes it can benefit from its barbarisms — as it seems to be doing in many parts of the world — it will repeat them at a theater near you.

Politically, radical anti-Israel voters will never be satisfied as long as Israel exists.

They will demand policy changes to which the administration cannot agree.

What’s more, they have nowhere to go.

They can’t vote for Donald Trump, whom they accuse of imposing a “Muslim ban.”

All they can do is stay home or throw away their votes by pulling the lever for Cornel West or Jill Stein.

Pro-Israel voters, on the other hand, have options.

Some can vote for Trump, who has a strong record on Israel.

Some can vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has a substantial following and has also been very supportive of Israel.

Biden can no longer count on pro-Israel voters.

He must earn their votes, and if he continues to weaken his support for Israel, he won’t.

Many Jewish and other pro-Israel voters have told me they don’t know for whom they will cast their ballots.

They won’t automatically vote Democratic anymore.

They’ll decide closer to the election and evaluate each candidate based on the totality of factors, including Israel.

This could have a real impact on places such as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Florida.

These states account for 60 electoral votes — compared to Michigan’s 15.

The Democrats would be foolish to risk pro-Israel voters in exchange for a relatively small number of Arab and Muslim voters who may not vote for Biden even if he weakens his Israel backing.

The same may be true of young radical voters.

So Biden would do the right thing — on national security and politically — if he kept up the support he showed in Oct. 7’s immediate aftermath.

He correctly pointed out that if Russian President Vladimir Putin wins in Ukraine, he’ll expand his aggression to nearby countries.

The same is true of Hamas.

If it’s allowed to benefit from its terrorism, it will expand it beyond Israel.

Israel faces existential threats from Iran and its surrogates.

It is fighting for its survival.

Most Americans support Israel — but not most young and radical Democrats.

Biden and the Democratic Party must choose.

They should choose justice and peace over bigotry and terrorism.

President Trump was probably the strongest and best supporter Israel ever had.

His bold moves included abandoning the dangerous Iran nuclear deal, ending funding of the pro-Hamas United Nations Relief and Works Agency (which Biden reversed), recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

His Abraham Accords, which normalized relations between Israel and such Arab countries as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, were frankly revolutionary.

They showed improved Arab-Israeli relations are not dependent, as the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment thought, on creating a Palestinian state.

Republicans are by and large overwhelming supportive of Israel.

Jews need to rethink their votes for Biden and Democrats.

They’d be wiser to vote for Trump and Republicans, who will stand behind them in Israel’s war with Hamas and Hezbollah.

Andrew Stein, a Democrat, served as New York City Council president, 1986-94.

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