Arizona’s abortion debacle proves the GOP was never a pro-life party

What U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake did in Arizona this week, only to have Donald Trump then endorse it the following day, is nothing short of mocking God. So, apparently, I now need to remind everyone of something that should be obvious to citizens in any culture worth saving: This devilish baloney has
zero chance of making America great again.

Both Trump and Lake said that a ruling by the
Arizona Supreme Court to uphold a near-total abortion ban dating back to 1864 needs to allow for more “reasonable” amounts of baby killing.

Republicans have lied to us for decades. The truth of the GOP duplicity is being laid bare.

Kindly save me your emails attempting to nuance or excuse this in any way. Not only are these Republicans calling for more deaths of the innocent, but Trump is taking this diabolical position after picking the judges who overturned
Roe v. Wade. And Lake is reversing course after saying she supported the very same Arizona ban just two years ago.

There is no righteous or moral justification for this abortion about-face. You simply aren’t allowed to confuse this with the arguments we had when heartbeat and personhood bills arrived on the scene, and we were asking what a life is and when it begins. At no time during those debates did we ever concede the premise that that very life was always worth protecting, only how far and how fast could we reach our goals in a fallen world.

This is different.

We have a law that protects nearly all children, and Republican politicians — including the presumptive 2024 nominee for president — are arguing that it
goes too far. They are explicitly saying it is undesirable and unjust to save as many babies as possible.

Maybe I should have figured out what I’m about to say after Team GOP did nothing with the hellish discovery that Planned Parenthood baby killers were selling frozen baby body parts for profit, but I’m pretty sure I’m over the target now.

This was
never a pro-life party.

The GOP was a party inhabited by pro-lifers, and therefore, the party merely felt like it had to condescend to us for votes. I have described
Roe v. Wade for years as a shibboleth of the damned for Democrats. That’s no longer sufficient. It turns out it was a shibboleth of the damned for Republicans as well.

The Republicans clearly had no plan for what would happen after overturning
Roe. That is likely because too many in the GOP really didn’t want Roe overturned. They just wanted the votes of those who still hate the shedding of innocent blood — just like God hates it.

Republicans have lied to us for decades. And now that
Roe has been smashed like the pillars in the temple of the fish demon Dagon, the truth of the GOP duplicity is being laid bare. Just like the single moms in the Democratic Party we like to parody and lambaste for their bloodlust, we are perfectly fine with an expanding kill list in the land of the magic “R” as well.

Meanwhile, some of the harshest moments in the scriptures come as a result of cultures that embrace the killing of their children. In fact, the final straw for Israel was when the people went down into the valley of Ben Hinnom and did what Moses told them never to do by throwing their babies into the fire to the demon Molech. And when those same people returned from exile some 70 years later, the very place of unholy sacrifice and desecration was turned into a trash dump that was renamed Gehenna.

The fires in that place burned day and night to deal with the rot and the stench, so when Christ arrived to preach on the wages of sin — which he preached on more than any other topic in all the New Testament — he referred to an eternity in hell as, you guessed it, Gehenna. That’s where the same Messiah who lays down his life for his friends says you deserve to end up if you defile one of his children. And it would be better for you to have a one-ton rock tied around your neck and be thrown out into the open sea than it will be for you on your day of judgment.

This isn’t just politics as usual. We’re playing a far more dangerous game than that. And it is a game we cannot win. It’s impossible. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Go back to Bill Clinton in the 1990s for proof. He violated Democratic Party orthodoxy on virtually every issue but one: human sacrifice. And if that is the enemy’s alpha and omega plumbline, what should that tell us?

That the only way to win this game is not to play.

You simply can’t triangulate or compromise on this issue and end up with a lower cost of living, a more secure border, fewer trans kids, and more medical freedom. Because a complete and total disrespect for life brings the opposite — namely, our current godless reality. We are talking about nothing short of the destiny of Tolkien’s ring of power. You can’t wield such darkness, Boromir. You will only end up broken and dead if you try.

We’re not in charge here. God is. So, what are we doing when God never fails throughout all of human history to punish this wicked behavior? There is no prophetic significance whatsoever to this country’s survival that we can count on for protection, let alone the outcome of this upcoming election as we are dividing our own base while igniting our opponent’s collective appetites for mob rule.

That’s a terrible strategy. I’m sure that the next red wave is right around the corner.

Or is that sulfur I smell?

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