Why did Kendra Wilkinson visit the emergency room? Health updates

Kendra Wilkinson He gave his fans an update on his health on November 11. Her message came more than two months after she visited the emergency room because she suffered a panic attack. So what happened to the first one? Playboy model and how it is recovering after the health scare?

Why did Kendra Wilkinson go to the emergency room?

He girls next door The student visited the emergency room after suffering a panic attack.

Kendra’s representative told her TMZ who felt overwhelmed balancing her life, her children Alijah Mary and Hank Jr., and her real estate career. She reportedly went to the emergency room for help after all of her responsibilities became too much to handle.

Kendra reportedly didn’t sleep the night before the incident, so she decided to go to a Los Angeles hospital for help amid the panic attacks.

She had the support of her ex-husband, Hank Baskettwho remained nearby while meeting with doctors.

Was Kendra Wilkinson hospitalized for the panic attack?

While TMZ originally reported that Kendra had been hospitalizedhis representative told him Entertainment tonight that she “is not hospitalized.”

“He went to the emergency room and will be home soon,” they continued in a statement issued on September 6.

What did Kendra Wilkinson say about the panic attack?

Kendra opened up about her health in a Nov. 11 Instagram post. She shared a glowing selfie and talked about completing treatment after her panic attack.

“I recently finished treatment for my depression and anxiety,” she wrote. “More than happy to share this information as articles have been written about it. I could also give you the full update. Being a solo artist can be heavy at times and life can become challenging, but I do my best and push forward with positive energy. Standing again. Happily working in real estate, taking care of my babies and me. Good friends. The heart is full of gratitude!!!”

In June 2023, Kendra revealed that her depression was initially triggered by her divorce from Hank in 2019. The separation occurred around the same time as Kendra’s reality show. Kendra on top he concluded.

“My divorce happened and suddenly, now I was left without a marriage, I didn’t show up, I had to move to a little house,” he explained. “I didn’t understand what was happening and suddenly I had to do intense healing. For years I had no fame. I didn’t have everything I knew for a long time. I didn’t know who I was. She was so lost.”

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What has Kendra Wilkinson said about being a single mother?

He Slipping home The author has been open about the pressure she feels as a single mother.

“It’s really hard being a single mom, you know, alone,” Kendra said. Entertainment tonight in May 2023. “Starting a new career in real estate on a TV show is hard work because not only am I trying to focus on building my new career, but I’m also a single mom.”

She has been raising her children with Hank since they divorced in 2018.

Kendra, who currently stars Kendra sells Hollywood – added that living in the spotlight is not always easy. “I’m still learning, but now, in season 2, I’m officially in the real estate game, so it’s a completely different game,” she said. “I’m still a single mother, there’s a lot of pressure; it’s a lot of pressure to start a new career with the world watching.”

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