What Happened to ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Star Brandi Mallory?

Extreme weight loss Star Brandi Mallory died at the age of 40 in Georgia, according to multiple reports citing the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office. Many fans of the reality TV alum are wondering what happened to her as they reflect on her incredible journey on the ABC series.

What Happened to ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Star Brandi Mallory?

Mallory died in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on November 9, according to reports. The cause of death has not yet been revealed. However, a police report obtained by TMZ reportedly revealed that the reality star was last seen alive on Nov. 8 in surveillance footage that showed her driving to a local Chipotle around 5:53 p.m. She reportedly entered the restaurant and returned to her car, but she never left the parking lot or got out of the vehicle again.

As the report allegedly states, the owner of a nearby deli told police he noticed the vehicle parked in a shopping center on the morning of November 9. At the time, the woman appeared to be sleeping, but the deli owner became concerned. when the car was still there that same day. Mallory was then reportedly found dead in the car. Police do not suspect foul play, but the cause of her death is still under investigation.

Malory’s family and friends honored her with a candlelight vigil on November 12. A memorial service was also held in her memory on November 19, according to his obituary.

Extreme weight loss season 5 stars Kim Williams Maxile Mallory recalled in an Instagram post.

“Rest in love sister,” he wrote alongside a video with Mallory. “To my partner Extreme weight loss @extweightloss sister, @brandimallory we will miss you. I’ll never forget that while I was in training camp for season 5 we watched your season and that inspired us to keep going. You truly made an impact on this world with your enthusiasm and passion for body positivity. I am lucky to have been able to experience you in this world.”

When was Brandi Mallory on ‘Extreme Weight Loss’?

Extreme weight loss, which aired from 2011 to 2015, saw “extremely overweight people who set out to change their lives by healthily losing half their body weight over the course of a year,” the description said. Trainer Chris Powell helped the stars on their weight loss journey with nutrition and exercise guidance. Each episode focused on a different individual, following their transformation from start to finish.

Brandi Mallory/Instagram

Mallory joined the show during season 4 in 2014. She revealed in a 2018 interview with who was inspired to embark on a weight loss journey after the death of her sorority sister, who was 29 years old when she died.

“I literally woke up every day like… this may be my last day waking up, like, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me,” Mallory said. “When it’s on your mind that maybe I should do something about my weight, because I’m afraid of dying too, then you might need to pay attention to something like that.”

Mallory revealed that she initially applied to join NBC The big loser, but she was not chosen. However, the show’s producers sent him the details to Extreme weight loss.

How much weight did Brandi Mallory lose?

Mallory began her journey Extreme weight loss with 329 pounds. By the end of the year, he lost 151 pounds and weighed 178. Among his challenges on the program was the Half Ironman Triathlon, where Mallory had to bike, swim and run for 70.3 miles.

After the show, Mallory continued her fitness journey through dance and shared updates with her followers on Instagram. She also showed her passion for makeup on her page.

While Mallory’s time is on Extreme weight loss resulted in a physical transformation, he also experienced a major shift in his thinking, as he revealed in a 2014 interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“After taking on this year and believing in myself like I never have before, I think I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer care what other people think of me,” she said. “What matters most is what I think and, of course, what God thinks of me.”

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