Listen to Cardi B’s rant about Eric Adams’ budget cuts and New York politicians


Cardi B gets it.

The hip hop star spoke for all New Yorkers when he criticized Mayor Adams for his disastrous proposed cuts to the NYPD budget.

“The crimes are going to skyrocket,” he exclaimed in a video published on that’s all?” Live in the neighborhood?

This basic reasoning (fewer police means more crime) is obvious to children. But somehow not to Gotham’s political elites.

The City Council appears willing to approve the cuts to police, libraries and other essential public services that the mayor has proposed.


One former councilor suggested it is so the council can probably protect spending on “members’ items”, i.e. the pork from councilors to connected constituents.

The cuts also leave in place most of the endless donations to immigrants, a priority of the left.

That’s right: the officials elected to represent the interests of all New Yorkers are ready to cut funding for garbage collection and police who house illegal immigrants in luxury hotels.

This is further proof that more (and different!) cuts are possible, and that behind our fiscal nightmare lies a situation that is eminently political problem.

The problem has generated spending by immigrants (once again, on social services for non-citizens who entered the country illegally) that this year alone is equivalent to four times more than the entire budget of the city of Miamifacing the second largest wave of migration in the country.

Immigrants are costing the Big Apple about $40,000 a head, compared to $3,000 in Los Angeles and $7,000 in Chicago.

And Adams has failed to address head-on one of the true drivers of the crisis, the city’s absurd “right to housing,” by seeking an emergency exception rather than fighting to end the rule itself.

But the real problem lies in the city’s political culture, where average New Yorkers continue to come last.

Until that changes, fiscal fires will burn and public service and safety will deteriorate.


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