Travis Kelce Planning ‘Private’ Trips With Taylor on Tour

She was there to cheer him on at 13 of his games — including the biggest one of the season, the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on February 11.

“Thank you for the support, thank you for coming, thank you for making it halfway across the world,” Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce gushed to his girlfriend Taylor Swift, who’d flown in following four back-to-back concerts in Tokyo, as he embraced her on the field while celebrating his third Super Bowl win. “You’re the best, baby.”

Now it’s his turn to return the favor. Following a rowdy night of partying in Sin City and a few days of recovery, Travis — who admitted after the big game that he felt “like I got in a trainwreck”— jetted off to Australia, where Taylor resumed the international leg of her Eras Tour. “He’s had to miss most of her concerts because of football season,” a source tells In Touch exclusively. “But now that he has some free time, he’s planning to spend it with Taylor. He’s going to tag along with her on the road.”

Romantic Getaway

And though she’ll be traveling with a 550-person entourage and performing for upwards of 70,000 Swifties a night, he’s going to make the trip as intimate as possible. “Taylor will be busy, of course, but Travis just wants to be there to see her work. He’s always in awe of her when she performs, and he pampers her after her shows,” a source says of the football player, who previously attended Tay’s stops in Kansas City and Buenos Aires.


And even though the famously hardworking singer, 34, always rests her voice between concerts and has a few rules for the road, Travis, 34, “is hoping they can take a few private side trips and have some intimate candlelit dinners.”

When the Asia leg wraps in March, they’ll have even more time together. “It will be the first uninterrupted period when neither of them really has much to do,” says the source. “They’re planning a longer vacation where they can truly relax for the first time since they started dating more than six months ago.”


And then it’s on to Europe. “In May, she’s due in Paris, and Travis has already made a lot of plans for them. It’s the most romantic city in the world, and they can explore it together,” says the source.

The last time he was there, for Fashion Week, Travis’ trainer revealed he did wind sprints in the middle of the night. “Not this time! He’s determined to spend every second with Taylor,” says the source. “He’s made reservations at posh hotels and restaurants all over Europe. He wants to focus on her until he has to report back to training camp in July.” He’s all in.

“Taylor’s never really had a boyfriend who supported her like this, showing up for her on tour,” says the source. “It’s just another reason why Travis really is The One.”

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