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‘The View’ host complains that Democrats don’t have the ‘privilege’ of a 2024 candidate who isn’t Biden

“The View” host Sara Haines lamented Democrats’ lack of options heading into the 2024 presidential election, saying the party didn’t really have the “privilege” of a candidate other than President Joe Biden.

Haines began by referencing the most recent poll numbers, which have only gotten worse for Biden as he approaches the final year of his term. He then noted that even if Biden stepped aside, the traditionally logical next option also seemed impossible, mainly because Vice President Kamala Harris was doing worse in the polls than Biden.


The conversation began with co-host Ana Navarro, who said Democrats should consider Biden’s poor poll numbers as a call to action.

Saying that it was “a wake-up call to organize, mobilize, register people, talk about the achievements of this administration,” Navarro added: “Stop clutching your pearls and get to work.”

Haines responded by expressing concern that Democrats didn’t have much choice left, saying: “With all the disclaimers about polling in general, I think these numbers really echoed what we’ve been hearing lately, from people saying that They have concerns.” of certain things.”

“I see it more as a campaign strategy, because I think that the privilege of having another candidate simply does not exist. What is — when they talk about Biden leaving office, what’s the next option? Where will you go from there? she asked. “Because now there is talk about Vice President Harris, who is in the polls, if we continued with the polls, it would be even worse. But you can’t step over it, so what are you doing on this year-long catwalk?

Haines went on to say that the one thing she had seen that surprised her was that polls indicated that former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) could do well in a head-to-head matchup with former President Donald Trump, who is currently leading by a wide margin a still crowded field in the Republican primaries.

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