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Iowa Gov. Reynolds Endorses DeSantis for President: ‘He’s the Person We Need to Lead This Country’

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds officially endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to be the next president of the United States during a campaign event Monday night.

Reynolds, who is Iowa’s most influential Republican, initially said she did not plan to endorse before the Iowa caucuses, but changed her mind in recent months as the political operation backing DeSantis has poured enormous resources into win the state.

“We need someone who gets results,” Reynolds posted on X. “Someone who knows when life begins. Someone who looks to the future. Someone who can WIN! That’s @RonDesantis. And I’m proud to be here tonight and give you my full support and endorsement as President of the United States!

This is the first time an Iowa governor has endorsed during a contested Republican presidential primary since 1996, the DeSantis Campaign said.

Reynolds highlighted the numerous problems facing the country under President Joe Biden, including rising crime rates, terrorists crossing an open southern border that has seen 6 million illegal aliens enter the country, fentanyl killing Americans, inflation that crushes families and the advance of the forces of evil. around the world due to Biden’s weak leadership.

“We can change this country, but if we don’t get the next elections, if we don’t choose well, we are not going to get this country back,” he said. “That’s why we have to do everything possible to make the right decision. “Not only must we make sure we elect someone who can win and defeat Joe Biden, but we need a president who has the skill and determination to reverse the madness we see every day.”

“We need someone to fight for you and win for you,” he continued. “We need someone who is not distracted but disciplined, who puts this country first and not himself. That leader is Ron DeSantis.”

He said it was key for Americans to elect a president who was disciplined and would put the country first in the face of adversity, and said DeSantis’ record on how he handled the pandemic was one of the key reasons he decided to back him.

“I have a little bit of a unique perspective, as a governor, I’ve seen it,” she said. “I was there with him during one of the most challenging and crazy times in our history. And while COVID may seem like a thing of the past, and now behind us, and believe me, we hope so, we should not and cannot forget it because it showed us how our leaders respond to a true crisis. And more importantly, it tells us how they will respond to the next one, and there will be another.”

“The pressure to close and keep our children out of school was credible and coming from all corners, including the White House,” he said, referring to the Trump administration. “You know, most leaders gave in to that pressure. “They listened to Fauci instead of real science, but there was one man who ran for president who didn’t: Ron DeSantis.”

“When the Trump administration let Fauci lead its response, Ron had the courage to say ‘not in Florida,’” he continued. “But there is another thing that sets Ron apart: he not only fought to fight, but he stood his ground because he delved into the problems. In fact, he hired and listened to some of the best people to make sure he acted based on real science and not fear, and that’s how this man handles every problem. Ron is focused, principled and results-oriented. And, in short, what I like most about Ron is that he gets things done.”

He called him “one of the most effective leaders” he had ever seen and gave examples such as how he managed to build a bridge in Florida after a hurricane in a matter of a few days.

“Now listen, I’m a governor who’s dealt with disasters, that’s incredible,” she said. “Not only can she be strategic and have a plan together, but she knows how to execute it. And at a time when the world is out of control. That is what we should look for in a president: someone who gets results, who dedicates every ounce of his energy to improving our lives.”

He said Republicans needed to stop focusing on the past and look to the future and nominate someone who has a track record of wins and results.

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