The Immigrant Shelter Snub and the American Dream: Letters

The problem: Immigrants lament the American dream and the $20.8 million Floyd Bennett Field shelter.

Now, the illegal immigrants are dictating to Adams where they want to stay (“Another bus full of immigrant families arrives at New York’s Floyd Bennett Field,” November 13).

Two buses turned around from Floyd Bennett Field and returned to the Roosevelt Hotel because the immigrants didn’t like the place.

This, while they receive free food, medical care and not to mention education. There is an old saying: Beggars can’t choose.

Apparently, in this disoriented municipal administration, that means nothing.

Doctor Ludemann

Bridgeport, Conn.

The fact that illegal immigrants now reject the shelters provided to them only exposes the hypocrisy. They demand things to which they have no right.

To the detriment of their citizens, large cities are being crushed under the weight of the financial burden that illegal immigrants have created.

All of this human suffering is happening because President Biden and the Democrats are using these people as political pawns and collateral damage to gain permanent political power. It’s despicable.

Robert DiNardo


Michael Castejon is wrong when explaining his reasons for leaving Chicago and returning to his homeland (“Fed up migrants who walked thousands of miles to the United States are now returning home: ‘The American dream does not exist’”, November 14).

The American Dream exists, it is simply corrupted by the people who allowed Castejón and his family to enter our country illegally. Thanks to Democrats, the American dream has been distorted into a misguided utopia in which everyone is equal no matter how little they contribute.

To them, America is a place of privilege, where everyone gets free stuff, courtesy of their government, as long as Democrats remain in power.

Michael D’Auria


Could you ever imagine – even if you were poor and oppressed – entering any other country illegally and then immediately making demands about where you will and won’t live, among other things?

This outrageous sense of entitlement seems to set in the moment your feet cross our border.

We tax paying citizens are forced to finance and support our own invasion.

Karen Jones

Bear, del.

The problem: A New York subway security guard opens fire on a homeless homeless man who threatens him.

“The Story of the Subway ‘Savior’” (Nov. 10) gave readers a valuable lesson in how to protect themselves when feeling threatened on the subway by a future homeless mugger: One should pray that there is a person near you with the means to prevent the assailant from harming you.

The woman threatened by the possible assailant said she was terrified by both the assailant and the vigilante’s weapon.

She said she wishes he would try to help without firing a gun at the station.

This woman’s attitude is perfect. She will tell everyone who is willing to help others that they should not do anything to help someone in need.

If you help, make sure you can get the bail money.

Alan Hirsch

Port Washington

There are consequences when criminals are allowed to commit crimes with impunity.

On Tuesday, the consequence came in the form of a vigilante who acted to protect a victim but whose gunfire in a crowded subway could have killed or maimed innocents.

Such consequences could be avoided if Democrats in the state legislature eliminated the no-bail policy and elevated age “reforms” so that criminal behavior could be deterred in the first place.

Marc Kasowitz


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