‘Siding with the terrorist organization’: Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s own constituents denounce her for anti-Israel actions

Jewish constituents living in Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s congressional district say the Michigan Democrat doesn’t speak for them.

Over the past month, Tlaib has come under intense criticism for refusing to unequivocally condemn Hamas’ barbaric attack on Israel. At the same time, he has repeatedly criticized Israel, spread Hamas propaganda, and even spoken positively about a Hamas rallying cry calling for Israel’s extermination.

His actions prompted a bipartisan censure last week.

It’s no surprise, then, that many of his constituents (residents of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District) are unhappy with their representative.

“I was hoping she would represent the entire district,” said resident Pamela Lippitt. said The New York Times. “But she just…she doesn’t represent me.”

Rabbi Aaron Starr, who leads a prominent Jewish congregation in Tlaib’s district, said the congresswomen “have decided not to reach out and have responded to my efforts to contact them with misleading form letters.” And in his opinion, Starr told the Times that Tlaib is “on the side of the terrorist organization Hamas.”

Additionally, state Sen. Jeremy Moss (D) told the Times that many of Tlaib’s constituents vented to him at a recent event and revealed what they told him.

“A lot of people came up to me and told me they didn’t feel seen, heard or represented,” Moss said.

On the other hand, the New York Times spoke to Muslim constituents in Tlaib’s district (many of whom live in Dearborn, home to the largest Muslim population per capita in the United States) who love Tlaib’s actions. In fact, according to the Times, Tlaib “has been hailed as a hero” by her Dearborn constituents, who believe she has been victimized for standing up for Palestinians.

Still, Tlaib is creating a situation that may backfire politically.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Tlaib’s “Squad” colleague, has won a competitive primary challenger – and Tlaib could too, according to Mark Mellman, whose organization, Democratic Majority for Israel, advocates for pro-Israel policies in the Democratic Party.

“I think Congresswoman Tlaib is radically at odds with her colleagues in Congress, radically at odds with the Democratic Party, and radically at odds with Michigan Democrats,” Mellman told the Times. “We hope she changes her mind and if not, maybe someone will be interested in running against her.”

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