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Reason for Sydney Onlyfans star Paris Ow-Yang’s drunken accident

An OnlyFans star who crashed her $50,000 Mercedes when it was four times over the legal limit says she went out drinking to numb the “pain and hurt” she felt after a breakup.

Paris Ow-Yang, 18, crashed her vehicle into another red Mercedes worth $150,000 while it was parked at Point Piper, in Sydney’s east, at 8.45pm on October 18.

The accident happened after the teenager spent hours “drowning in alcohol” following a break-up with nightclub baron Julian Tobias, 44, a court heard on Friday.

Ow-Yang began the day of the incident at midday at a local restaurant, before moving on for drinks at a separate Chinese restaurant and a friend’s house, Downing Center Local Court was told. according to the Daily Mail.

When police arrived at the scene after the accident, she blew 0.213 into a breathalyzer and was found to have no green P plates on her car.

Paris Ow-Yang crashed her vehicle into a parked Mercedes worth $150,000.

The legal limit in New South Wales is 0.05 for full license holders and 0.00 for P users.

Ow-Yang attended court on Friday dressed in a pale blue jacket, matching heels and white dress pants while carrying a large designer Chloe bag.

She was accompanied by her father, neurosurgeon Michael Ow-Yang, and lawyer Michael Bowe.

Bowe told the court the accident was the result of a “perfect storm” after Ow-Yang “spinned out of control” and “couldn’t cope” with the breakdown of their relationship.

He had been “drowning in alcohol,” Bowe said, adding: “He was just drowning in his own depression and his problems, hoping the alcohol would cover up the pain and hurt.”

The Onlyfans star reportedly “went out of control” after a breakup.

Police data indicate that after his arrest and while in police custody, Ow-Yang “made verbal comments about wanting to die and having no purpose in life.”

Bowe told the magistrate that Ow-Yang had completed a traffic offender program and had “not drank alcohol for at least three weeks”.

He pleaded guilty on behalf of Ms Ow-Yang.

Magistrate Rodney Brender sentenced Ms Ow-Yang to a two-year community corrections order. She was fined $1,000 and will have to pay for the two damaged vehicles.

His license was disqualified for nine months, after which he will spend 24 months with an interlock device, meaning his car will not start without a breathalyzer result below the limit.

Ow-Yang’s driver’s license was suspended for nine months.

Brender told the teen that her behavior “had put you and other people in danger on the road.”

He warned that the incident could warrant 18 months in jail and that “when moral culpability is increased by aggravating factors, anything short of jail is generally inappropriate.”

“If it happens again… (yes), jail,” Brender assured the star.

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