Male hair loss and ED treatment brand CEO is ‘eager’ to hire anti-Israel student protesters

The CEO of a male hair loss and erectile dysfunction treatment company said he is “eager” to hire anti-Israel protesters taking over college campuses in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

Andrew Dudum, the Palestinian-American CEO of Hims, a telehealth and online pharmacy known for its suggestive New York City subway ads, shared a link to current openings and encouraged the student protesters to apply.

“Moral courage > College degree,” he wrote on X.

“If you’re currently protesting against the genocide of the Palestinian people & for your university’s divestment from Israel, keep going. It’s working.

Hims CEO Andrew Dudum said he’d gladly hire anti-Israel student protesters. William C Lopez/New York Post

“There are plenty of companies & CEOs eager to hire you, regardless of university discipline,” he added alongside the Hims job openings link.

Dudum, who founded Hims in 2017 and has family in Gaza and the West Bank, marks a contrast from many company leaders with his remarks as students at more and more colleges across the country join the wave of protests.

Bill Ackman, head of Pershing Square Capital Management, was one of the first to say he wouldn’t hire students from Harvard who signed a letter allegedly blaming Israel for Hamas’ violent Oct. 7 attack.

“Moral courage > College degree,” Dudum wrote on X. X / AndrewDudum

Additional Wall Street tycoons have since echoed his statements.

A top corporate recruiter told The Post last week that he’s begun to reconsider where he’s finding job candidates as many Ivy League schools and other top colleges have been plagued by the protests that critics have claimed are antisemitic.

“We are looking for high-quality candidates but we’re going to be looking at different places,” activist investor and Columbia grad Daniel Loeb said.

Dudum is an outlier among company leaders as others have said they will refuse to hire the protesters even from Ivies. X / @AndrewDudum

The students are demanding their universities divest from Israel over its retaliatory offensive in Gaza that has killed more than 34,000 Palestinians — including 13,800 innocent children, according to Hamas-controlled health officials in the territory.

Israel’s relentless attacks were in response to Hamas terrorists’ brutal massacre of nearly 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians.

US college students have created tent encampments on their campuses and taken over university buildings in protests that have sometimes turned destructive and violent.

Police have been called to several of the protests to arrest students.

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