Make NYC orderly for everyone

New York City may be a safe haven for shoplifters, subway shovers, gangbangers and illegal migrants, but park rangers are holding the line against pee-wee pee-pee bandits.

That’s right: Manhattan mom Michiko Sasaki got fined $50 for letting her 4-year-old son Kobe take an emergency wee after finding a nearby Battery Park City public restroom locked.

Michiko told The Post that she was pounced upon by five or six urban park rangers demanding to see her ID — for the crime of allowing her toddler to urinate outside a locked public bathroom.

This epitomizes the failure of New York.

No, we’re not advocating for public urination — which was decriminalized in 2017 under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But a mom doing her best amid a tot’s bathroom emergency is no threat to public order: That comes from the forces that put the restroom out of order, and the failure to repair it.

Fact is, too many public bathrooms, elevators, escalators are not working because the city doesn’t enforce order.

Parks and playgrounds all across town are plagued by open-air drug dealing and public shooting-up, littered with needles and reeking of pot.

Yet Parks Enforcement finds the time to issue a mom a $50 ticket, plainly because it feels safe getting tough with her.

Bad enough that the city’s surrendering to disorder, must it declare war on “normies,” too?

Once again, the blame begins with progressives, who pushed through a 2021 law (which Gov. Hochul, sigh, signed) decriminalizing the sale and possession of drug paraphernalia — in effect freeing illegal drug use of criminal and social consequences.

When the law took effect, NYPD cops received a directive ordering them to let druggies freely shoot drugs and share needles.

Cue the decline of public parks, echoing the soaring of subway disorder after the establishment declared fare-beating not worth the trouble to enforce.

Don’t worry: The MTA will make up for that lost revenue via congestion-pricing tolls — yet another assault on normies.

“Broken Windows” policing made New York the safest big city in America, but then the progressives rose to power and began siding with the window-breakers — and against normal, law-abiding New Yorkers.

It’s past time to make New York orderly for everyone — and you don’t start by cracking down on 4-year-olds.

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