Joe Biden is indifferent to Laken Riley’s brutal murder: Letters

The Issue: Miranda Devine’s column criticizing President Biden for his indifference to Laken Riley.

This imbecile dares to apologize for calling the illegal-immigrant thug who allegedly murdered Riley “illegal” — which he is — while refusing to apologize to Riley’s family for getting her name wrong twice (“Joe on Laken: As callous as it gets,” Miranda Devine, March 10).

Riley’s life was allegedly taken by this animal, and I apologize to all animals for putting them in the same category as him. Once again, “Hidin’ Biden” panders to his far-left backers instead of real Americans.

John Natale

Long Beach

Miranda Devine is correct. When goaded into saying Laken Riley’s name — albeit incorrectly — the Narcissist-in-Chief stated that he understood what her parents were feeling because he had lost children himself.

While the loss of President Biden’s children was indeed unfortunate, his losses are hardly comparable to the brutal murder of Laken Riley — a direct result of Biden’s open invitation to third-world criminals.
Biden always has to lie to make it about himself — from falsely stating for decades that his wife was hit by a drunk driver to repeatedly claiming that his son Beau was a casualty of the war in Iraq.

Biden even went on to apologize for calling the alleged murderer himself an “illegal.”

Michael Brautigam

Talinn, Estonia

During his State of the Union address, President Biden used the term “illegal” instead of “undocumented” when he mentioned the suspect in Riley’s murder.

He then soon apologized for calling the suspect an “illegal.” And to add insult to injury, Biden never apologized to Riley’s family for mistakenly calling her “Lincoln.”
Lastly, I did not hear him mention the names of any of the 13 US soldiers who were killed when we pulled out of Afghanistan.

President Biden sure has his priorities all mixed up.

David Tulanian

Henderson, Nev.

It is interesting that The Post chose to highlight that President Biden mispronounced the first name of Riley, the Georgia nursing student allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant. While it is true that this was an unfortunate mistake, you chose to ignore the main body of the speech, which was delivered with vigor and command.

Valentino Ferro

West Haven, Conn.

President Biden apologized for calling Jose Ibarra an “illegal.”

Joe Biden is a coward. He never even contacted Riley’s parents after she was murdered. And he couldn’t even pronounce her name right, calling her “Lincoln.”

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump contacted her parents and gave his prayers and condolences to them.

And to top this all off, the liberal media were criticizing Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene simply because she wore a MAGA hat and interrupted the president’s address to ask him to mention Riley’s name.

Albert Bianchini

Pittsburgh, Penn.

Illegal, illegal, illegal.

There, I said the word that truly describes the people who are entering this country illegally. President Biden’s apology for referring to this alleged murderer as “illegal” instead of “undocumented” was a slap in the face to every American.

What in this world is happening to this once great country? I guess at the very least we should be thankful for Biden’s mention of “Lincoln Riley” in his State of the Union address.

We are being led by a mentally unfit man who only cares about himself and not his country’s citizens.

Philip Vallone


Laken Riley’s name is not difficult to pronounce, yet Biden referred to her as “Lincoln Riley” during his State of the Union address. Had Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene not asked Biden to say her name, he would have probably left her name out entirely. After all, she wasn’t in the script.

As Miranda Devine pointed out, Biden has no empathy when it comes to someone’s tragedy. And if he does recognize that tragedy, he brings up a misfortune of his own. He’s not capable of a real apology.

Ron Zajicek

Long Beach

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