Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar claim their nephew spent $8,500 on a car

Jim Bob and Michelle DuggarTyler Hutchins’ nephew obtained an $8,500 car while living in his care when the duo had legal guardianship of the teen, as revealed in court documents obtained by In Touch on Tuesday, November 21.

The couple provided an Accounting by Guardian report to the probate division of the Circuit Court of Benton County, Arkansas, on October 25, 2023, showing the finances 15-year-old Tyler had before his biological grandparents they obtained custody of him.

The court documents read: “James R. Duggar and Michelle A. Duggar, respectfully submit to the court their account as guardians of the estate of Tyler Wayne Hutchins for the period beginning November 17, 2022 and ending October 31, 2023.” .

The account was filed to satisfy a court requirement to provide a verified accounting of Tyler’s estate.

Balances listed as of Oct. 16 showed Tyler had $231.64 in his bank account, as well as a 2007 Chevy Duramax valued at $8,500. Jim Bob, 58, and Michelle, 57, stated that they “had not used the minor’s property or derived any benefit from the minor’s estate during the stated time period, and said the funds had increased to the amount indicated previously as the net value of the assets.”

Jim Bob and Michelle agreed to give up custody of Tyler in September, after he had lived with the couple since 2016.

Tyler’s grandparents, John and Carolyn Hutchins, said the teen had been living with them since June 2023 and asked an Arkansas court to replace them as his guardians since they are his closest biological relatives. Carolyn is Michelle’s older sister and her daughter, Rachel Hutchins, is Tyler’s mother.

John and Carolyn said in court documents that they were able to provide a stable environment for Tyler and that Rachel had no objections to the transfer of guardianship of the Duggars in documents obtained on September 5. The US Sun.

Tyler’s mother gave birth to him in February 2008, when she was an unmarried teenager. Rachel originally gave custody of her son to Carolyn in August 2015 while she was going through a period of financial and legal problems. The boy’s grandmother then suffered a stroke and he needed a new way of living. Jim Bob and Michelle stepped forward and obtained temporary guardianship of their nephew, and permanent legal guardianship was granted two months later.

Tyler’s story appeared on episodes of TLC’S. Counting on in 2018. The Duggars also included Tyler on several Facebook and other photos from social networksshowing fans that he was a beloved part of their family.

In February 2018, Jim Bob and Michelle shared birthday wishes for their nephew via the family’s Facebook page, writing, “Happy 10th Birthday Tyler, a whole decade! You are a joy and a delight! We are very grateful for you! We wish you a happy birthday and look forward to another great year!! “

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