‘Interesting’: Steven Crowder points out problem after Nashville police put seven officers on desk duty over manifesto leak

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has placed seven officers on administrative duty after several pages of the Covenant School killer’s manifesto were leaked.

In a statement, the police department said moving officers to desk duty is not punishment for the leak.

“Seven people are on administrative duty (not at all punitive) to protect the integrity of the active and ongoing investigation,” a police department spokesperson said. saying. “The seven have full police power. We didn’t identify any of the seven by name. It’s not fair to them.”

However, the department did not explain the connection between the seven officers and the leak.

the department manual Establishes that Officers may be placed on an administrative assignment when their supervisor has approved them “to be absent from their normal assigned duty period and no other type of status is appropriate.” Administrative assignment, the manual explains, is typically reserved for officers who have been involved “in a use of force that is under investigation.” It does not indicate other reasons for the administrative duty.

On Monday, Steven Crowder published three pages of that rule, which he obtained through a source in the police department. The pages included the killer’s “death day” calendar and his hate-fueled ramblings.

The leak sparked a firestorm of controversy, with Mayor Freddie O’Connell (D) demanding an investigation into how the pages were leaked. MNPD Chief John Drake later confirmed that the pages are authentic.

“I am very concerned about the unauthorized publication today of three pages of writings by the Covenant shooter. This police department takes the investigation to identify the person responsible very seriously,” Drake said. saying in a sentence. “This action showed a complete disregard for the Covenant families, as well as the judicial system, which is in control of the shooter’s diaries at this time due to litigation filed earlier this year.”

While it is true that there is an ongoing legal battle over the manifesto, Crowder made a keen observation about the reaction of Nashville authorities to the leak.

“The powers that be are more concerned with finding the leaker than with the content of [the killer]The anti-white manifesto. “Interesting,” he stated.

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