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During my visit to Israel I have seen the horror that the world must not forget.

It’s the nature of the news cycle that important things are overlooked.

But what happened a little over a month ago in Israel should not be overlooked.

The scale and catastrophe of what happened is still becoming clear.

However, the world seems to have moved on.

The international media is no longer focusing on the atrocities Hamas committed against Israel but on Israel’s response to Hamas terrorists.

Every day, the New York Times and other newspapers give their opinion on how Israel should bring the war to a draw.

And every day there are protests all over the world made up of evil or ignorant people.

Some of the anti-Israel protesters are demonstrably ignorant.

Two girls interviewed at a pro-Hamas protest in London were asked what their reaction was when they first learned that Hamas had attacked Israel on October 7.

“I don’t think they did, do they?” said one.

“Honestly, I think I need to be a little more aware of everything that’s going on, so I feel like I’m not qualified to answer that very well,” the other said.

Douglas Murray visits a kibbutz in Israel, after the massacres of October 7.
New York Post
Douglas Murray visits a kibbutz in Israel, where bloody handprints were seen inside many of the buildings.
New York Post

Well, she seemed to feel “qualified” enough to show up at an anti-Israel rally.

Her friend, holding a sign, said: “I mean, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything to prove that really happened.”

These two ignorant people should have come with me to Israel this week.

Specifically, they should have come to the site of the music festival massacre and seen the remains of that “peace rave” where people their age, and very similar to them, were shot to death and raped just as they “approached Party”. “

Or maybe they should have come with me to the small community of Nir Oz on the Gaza border.

I have been to kibbutzim like this many times in the past. The citizens of these small towns and communities tend to be very left-wing. Often “pacifists”. They have been used to rockets for years.

Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and Hamas was elected and killed its rivals, people in these communities have known that their neighbors may not love them.

But few could have imagined the sheer human hatred and evil that befell their community one Saturday morning last month.

Nir Oz is (or was) a community of 400 people. Today it is a ghost town.

Within sight of the Gaza border, the terrorists entered through four different entrances on October 7 and went from house to house.

One of the surviving members of the community took me.

We advance carefully through the burned ruins of their city.

A child’s bicycle is seen at Kibbutz Nir Oz following the deadly attack by Hamas on October 7.
The destroyed contents of a dishwasher and household items are seen in a house in Kibbutz Nir Oz after the Hamas attack.
The houses were destroyed after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.
AFP via Getty Images

I knew the families who had lived in each of these houses. He knew their names, their stories, their hobbies.

It was a scene of total carnage.

Of the 400 people in the community, at least 30 were killed in their homes and more than 80 were kidnapped and taken to Gaza, many of them seriously injured.

Most of the modest houses had a safe room built into them where families could take shelter from the rockets that were regularly fired at them from Gaza. But this was not enough on the morning of October 7.

House after house I saw the results. Each one remained as it was that day. Many were burned.

Tables were knocked over and belongings scattered everywhere. In some houses, the blood stains spoke for themselves.

Murray witnessed a room where Hamas executed Thai kibbutz workers.
New York Post

The safe rooms were not locked, because no one expected a battalion-style terrorist invasion.

As a result, the residents of Nir Oz met their ends in their “safe rooms,” trying to keep the doors closed while Hamas terrorists tried to open them from the other side. Bullet holes around the handles told the story in most houses.

An elderly woman struggled to keep the door closed and was shot several times from the other side of the door before the terrorists burst in and finished her off.

An elderly man who had not been able to leave was burned alive in his house by the terrorists. “He always said he had the best view,” my guide said, as we stood on this dead man’s balcony overlooking Gaza.

A house burned down in the community where 400 people once lived.
New York Post
Blood stains are seen on a wall of a damaged family home in Kibbutz Nir Oz following a deadly infiltration by Hamas gunmen.

The worst was when we arrived at my guide’s sister’s house. She was outside the house when the terrorists entered.

His two teenage sons barricaded themselves in the safe room. Surrounded by their toys and magazines, you could see all the signs of the struggle of these brave young people.

But the terrorists broke in, wounded them and robbed them, taking them to Gaza.

Then there were the Thai workers who helped at the kibbutz and had their own accommodation. The terrorists had gone door to door, shooting at them.

As in so many other places in the settlements, you could see the stains on the ground where someone had crawled in their last moments or had been dragged half dead. At the end of this row of accommodation was their air raid shelter.

From the inside it was clear that this was the site of a massacre.

Hamas put the Thai men and women into this small room and then massacred them. The ground was still covered in frozen blood.

And here it seemed as if Hamas had tried to save its bullets. The walls and ceiling, including the air conditioning unit, were covered in blood splatters.

Here, as in so many other parts of the community, there were occasional bloody handprints, where people had tried to remain standing or avoid being dragged in their dying moments.

These traces must not be forgotten. These were all people who had done nothing wrong.

The teenage children of Murray’s guide’s sister were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during the massacre.
New York Post

For a man, a woman and a child, they all just went on with their lives.

Most had some dream of peace. Some households still had their shopping lists on their refrigerator doors. Others held signs that said “Live and let live.”

Hamas did not allow them to live. The world must never forget this.

Israel cannot live with Hamas. The world must realize this.

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