Inside Jeffrey Toobin Scandal: Woman Wouldn’t Abort His Baby

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin — who infamously got caught with his hands in his pants during a Zoom meeting in 2020 — reportedly tried to pay a colleague’s daughter to get an abortion after he got her pregnant.

When the woman refused, Toobin denied the boy was his and only paid child support after being ordered by a court.

“This is yet another black mark for CNN,” an industry insider exclusively tells In Touch. “How this guy is still on the air is mind-boggling.”

Toobin, a 63-year-old father of two with former Verizon exec Amy McIntosh, had an affair with 13-years-younger Casey Greenfield, daughter of former CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield.

And sources say Toobin offered her cash to abort their baby after she got pregnant in 2008.

“When Casey wouldn’t have an abortion,” says another insider, “Jeff told her she was going to regret it, and that she shouldn’t expect any help from him.”

She had the baby anyway, and Toobin made good on his vow not to help her until the Manhattan Family Court forced his hand. Toobin has had an on-off relationship with CNN since the masturbation disaster while Zooming with his former New Yorker colleagues.

But he seems to be back in the network’s good graces. And that infuriates former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, who says, “They protect Toobin and others like him no matter what they have done, while those who don’t fit their ideological position…are assailed, attacked and/or eliminated.”

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