How Riley Keough Saved Grandfather Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Elvis Presley’s feisty granddaughter Riley Keough saved his palace Graceland from falling into the money-grubbing hands of a dodgy investment company, sources exclusively tell In Touch. Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC boldly claimed rights to the iconic property saying Elvis’ tragic only child, Lisa Marie, used Graceland as collateral for a $3.8 million loan she failed to repay before her shocking death in January 2023.

The company tried to set up a foreclosure sale of the Memphis mansion — which is worth an estimated $500 million — on May 23 to recoup what it said was losses on the loan.

But 35-year-old actress Riley, executor of the Presley estate, apparently saw the attempted land-grab as a bunch of suspicious lies and sicced her lawyers on the lenders.

“Riley had no intention of letting the estate, where Elvis and other relatives are buried, be sold off to some faceless corporation,” dishes a source.

The Daisy Jones & the Six star’s legal team filed a lawsuit claiming the loan documents supposedly signed by Lisa Marie were forged — and the company itself was a fake!

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In court documents, Naussany is listed as located in Kimberling City, Missouri, but attempts by media organizations couldn’t find any business by that name in Missouri.

“Lisa Marie Presley never borrowed money from Naussany Investments and never gave a deed of trust to Naussany Investments,” say court papers filed by Riley’s legal eagles. “These documents are fraudulent.” The notary public cited on the loan documents also signed an affidavit denying she notarized “anything” Lisa Marie signed!

And a handwriting expert exclusively obtained by In Touch supports Riley’s contention the loan papers contained “forgeries” of her mom’s signature!

“Three of the signatures are exactly the same, and that’s not humanly possible,” notes forensic document examiner Peggy Walla of Texas-based LPR Investigations. “It appears that somebody signed it on one document then cut and pasted it on the other document.”

Walla believes the signatures Naussany claims to be Lisa Marie’s are not hers!

“They just couldn’t figure out how Lisa Marie signed her name,” she says, calling the loan agreement a “phony baloney” document.

“They tried but they just couldn’t duplicate her signature. In fact, it looks like it isn’t even spelled right. Lisa Marie’s daughter has a document in front of her that has absolutely no value to it.”

Walla points out other discrepancies. For example, the signature of a company rep on the document is illegible, and the printed version shows the name of the company rather than an individual. “That document was made up!” Walla concludes.

The documents didn’t pass the smell test with court officials, either. Shelby County, Tennessee, Court Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins ordered the Graceland auction postponed, saying it would “irreparably harm Elvis’ granddaughter.”

And when In Touch presented its findings to Naussany, the company responded by announcing it “will be withdrawing all claims with prejudice,” adding, “There was no harm meant on Ms. Keough for her mothers [sic] LMP mis habits [sic] and mis managing [sic] of money.”

This is not the first time Graceland has been saved from disaster. Elvis’ drug addictions and financial missteps had left the estate on the verge of bankruptcy when he passed away in 1977. But his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley — Riley’s grandmother — saved the property by opening it up to the public, turning it into a massive moneymaking tourist attraction.

“Now it’s Riley who needs to be congratulated for saving Graceland!” proclaims a source. “She’s the newest hero in the Presley family!”

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