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What’s happening…

– Biden gives speech near the beaches of Normandy to commemorate D-Day

– Kamala Harris’ late night appearance interrupted by anti-Israel demonstrator

– Hunter Biden was back in court where his sister-in-law and ex-lover testified about his addiction… and hers

Cognitive concerns

Ex-Biden administration staffer Michael LaRosa called out “faux outrage” from Democrats after a bombshell Wall Street Journal story from Wednesday revealed that President Biden is showing “signs of slipping” in private meetings.

“The faux outrage over the use of blind sources is especially rich coming from political staffers in both parties,” LaRosa wrote in a social media post responding to Democratic lawmakers who attacked “anonymous” Republican sources quoted by the Journal. 

“The NYT, the WSJ, the WAPO are not extensions of the Democratic Party and nor should they be,” LaRosa declared. 

Biden’s recent gaffes and misstatements have come under scrutiny as the campaign heats up, and as he prepares to debate former President Trump in June.

BIDEN IN DECLINE? White House urged Dems to tout Biden’s sharpness ahead of WSJ report …Read more

President Biden was fact-checked by TIME.  (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

White House

‘NO COMMENT’: FBI still mum on Hunter Biden laptop …Read more

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Capitol Hill

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Tales from the Campaign Trail

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Hunter Biden arrives at federal court

Hunter Biden arrives at federal court, Monday, June 3, 2024, in Wilmington, Del.  (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Trials and Tribulations

‘RUSSIAN PLAYBOOK’: Video goes viral of media pundits previously casting doubt on Hunter laptop …Read more

LOVE AND DRUGS: Hunter Biden returned to court after whirlwind day of testimony from exes …Read more

EXPANDED HEARING: Trump classified docs judge expands hearing to consider ‘unlawful’ appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith …Read more

Across America

DECLARING ‘INDEPENDENCE’: Youngkin pulls VA out of CA green pact …Read more

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