Eminem ‘Lonely’ as Single Dad but Won’t ‘Let Guard Down’ to Date

Off the market — indefinitely. Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers) gamely celebrated love at daughter Hailie’s May 18 wedding to Evan McClintock — but the rapper has no romantic plans of his own. An insider exclusively tells In Touch the Grammy winner “is too paranoid to give any woman a shot.”

Indeed, he hasn’t had a serious relationship since his split from Kim Scott nearly 20 years ago The 51-year-old, who famously rapped about his tumultuous relationship with his ex — the pair wed twice before their final divorce in 2006 — “says he’s scarred for life,” says the insider. “He just can’t bring himself to trust anyone enough to open up to them. But his friends know that deep down he’d love to be in a relationship. It’s really sad to see him so lonely — they wish he’d let his guard down and open up to finding love again.

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