Beyonce Has ‘Rules’ for Husband Jay-Z After Past Infidelity

Sure, Beyoncé has sung about husband Jay-Z’s reported infidelities — including on her new album, Cowboy Carter — but a source says the rapper hasn’t strayed in a long time, thanks to strict adherence to Queen Bey’s rules. “Jay’s ultimately very grateful that she didn’t give up on him back in the day,” says the source exclusively to In Touch, referencing cheating rumors that began circulating in 2014 and culminated in that infamous elevator showdown with Bey’s sister, Solange Knowles.

“So he shows his respect by following her rules. He used to go out with the boys all the time but that’s off-limits. And Beyoncé doesn’t like him having one-on-ones with his female talent.” The source adds that the pop icon, 42, and music mogul, 54, make time for regular therapy sessions and date nights. “They work hard at making their marriage work, and they’re in a healthier place since Beyoncé put her foot down.”

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