AYTO’s Geles Rodriguez on Why She Doesn’t Talk to Costars

Are You The One? alum Geles Rodriguez doesn’t keep in touch with any of her former MTV costars, she exclusively tells In Touch, but there’s no bad blood between them.

“I think that you just kind of grow up and grow apart,” Geles, 30, tells In Touch of her life after reality TV during the Little Red Retreat at UNICO 20°87° in Cancun, Mexico. “And I feel like I chose a very different lifestyle for myself.”

Geles was 24 years old when she appeared on season 6 of Are You The One?, which aired on MTV from September to December 2017. During the series, she found a connection with Anthony Martin but soon discovered during episode 2 that they were not a perfect match. Geles and Anthony caused tension in the house as they continued their romantic connection, putting the $1 million group prize in jeopardy.

“I think the first show I filmed so long ago that, you know, kind of just like at one point in my life, I did keep up with those certain people on the show,” she says. “But then I kind of just grew up and grew apart from that.”

After filming the reality TV dating show, Geles and Anthony returned to screens for season 3 of Ex on the Beach in 2019. Geles and Anthony’s connection quickly fizzled out and she found a connection with Anthony Bartolotte. The pair continued their relationship after the show before going their separate ways. Since her reality TV days, Geles has found love with Michael Putzel, tying the knot with the Texas native in August 2023.

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“The second reality show, I think I might be the only one that’s married. I’m not sure,” Geles says of her reality TV ties. “I think it’s okay to grow up and grow apart from people without having any bad blood.”

Geles also slammed claims she wasn’t a “girl’s girl” due to her TV portrayal. “I definitely went in there with the intentions to find a man by all means. And so, I don’t think I made the best of friends on the show,” the MTV alum explains of her AYTO days. “But in real life, I mean, I’m not friends with people that are all trying to date my husband. So, I definitely am a girl’s girl.”

Courtney Bagby Lupilin is the CEO and founder of Reality TV management firm Little Red Management. The reality TV crossover was curated in partnership with Beachbound and other popular shows represented during the retreat were Love is Blind, The Bachelor and Big Brother.

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