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Woman’s complaint about Aldi backfires after complaining the container contains no pasta

A woman who shared an image of a “failed” Aldi food container did not receive the reaction she expected, instead sparking a backlash online.

The woman took to a US-based Facebook group to share her frustration over a “special purchase” at US Aldi stores.

His complaint was that one of the three containers he purchased seemed inadequate for storing long strips of pasta.

He posted a photo of the largest of the three containers, which could not be sealed with spaghetti inside.

Users were quick to point out that the containers were never advertised as “spaghetti storage,” and many considered it a “user failure” situation.

The woman complained that the container on the right could not store pasta.

“Why is it a failure? Because you’re putting something on them that’s clearly too big? “Sounds like an operator error, not Aldi,” one user wrote.

“They weren’t advertised as spaghetti storage. “It’s not an epic failure, but a bummer.”

“How is it Aldi’s fault that you put the wrong size pasta in the containers?” said another.

The container measures 9.6 inches (24.4 cm) tall and should hold even shorter items considering the size of the bamboo lid. The most beloved types of long pasta, such as spaghetti, are usually available in lengths of 25 to 30 centimeters, making the container not tall enough to store any classic long pasta.

The container in question next to the pasta box.

“It is not a stretch to assume that they would be used for pasta, because a tall, clear container is typically used for spaghetti. I can certainly understand the disappointment,” commented one member of the group.

The original poster responded with a picture of the original packaging, clearly showing some type of long pasta stored inside the same food container.

“So after seeing the box that literally shows them holding the exact same pasta pretty well, what exactly is it advertised for?” one user questioned.

Many on social media disagreed with the disgruntled customer and backed Aldi.
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Numerous users shared their ideas about alternative uses for the container and offered to use it to store flour, cocoa or even dried beans.

The woman behind the post had an idea of ​​her own: “I ended up cutting the pasta in half although my idea is to open the box and throw the pasta in the jar, easy.”

This comment sparked a second wave of backlash, as horrified users expressed their displeasure at breaking the pasta in two.

One user wrote: “Cutting spaghetti in half should be illegal lol. Spaghetti is never cut in half. “That is a sin in Italy.”

Although “sinful”, many users saw this as a better solution rather than “being worried about a container”.

Some suggested a different pasta container.

These storage containers are not available in Australia, although similar ones have been sold in the past. has contacted Aldi for comment.

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