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Woman orders boyfriend to cancel proposal because she’s ‘sad’

She said “I don’t” — but he had other plans.

A woman whose ruined wedding proposal went viral admits she’s a “brat” for the way she behaved, after things didn’t go her way.

Rebecca Gordon confessed on social media that she “cried for like an hour” and was “sad” after her dream of the perfect moment was shattered, thanks to a loose-lipped family member.

The schoolteacher from Utah told her TikTok followers that her father had spoiled the surprise.

Apparently unable to contain his excitement, the proud papa informed his daughter that morning of what was about to happen.

Deeply upset over the spilled beans, the Beehive State beauty texted her boyfriend, Carson Peterson, telling him: “I don’t want to be proposed to tonight.”

Gordon then spent the day playing video games and lollygagging around the house, instead of enjoying what her would-be fiance had planned, The Sun reported.

“POV you told your boyfriend not to propose because someone spoiled the surprise and it made you sad,” Gordon wrote on a post that has received 7.1 million views and 1.1 million likes.

“Your boyfriend says ‘fine I’m not proposing’ so you spend the whole night playing Wii baseball and almost miss going outside to get engaged,” she continued.

After being by girlfriend Rebecca Gordon told not to propose, Carson Peterson decided to take his chances anyway. TikTok/@beccers_gordonn

The caption was imposed over a video of the two in a dreamy green field, with handsome snowcapped mountains in the distance — revealing that her persistent partner had other ideas for the evening, even if the day was a disaster.

“My fiancé told me I gave him a headache from yelling because I won [the game] and he needed to go for a “walk” to cure his headache,” Gordon recounted.

“Turns out he was proposing regardless,” she said. “I’m such a brat.”

A woman hugging her boyfriend in a field, with a distraught expression after having cancelled a marriage proposal due to a surprise spoiler
Gordon had been upset that a family member had ruined the surprise — and spent the whole day gaming indoors. TikTok/@beccers_gordonn

The clip shows the couple hugging as Gordon tears up. She then shows off her diamond engagement ring and a bouquet of white roses.

Her sadness appeared to give way to awe as she noticed all the effort that had gone into the special — if no longer secret — moment, beginning with the hundreds more white roses he’d dragged out into the field.

The slightly imperfect perfect moment appeared to resonate with viewers — with many admitting they too would be furious if someone had been careless enough to let the news slip.

“Our engagement was absolutely destroyed because our “friends” thought it would be fun to ruin it for me… totally wish this would’ve been the scenario for me,” one sympathetic person revealed.

“People who ruin surprises like this suck but the ring is gorg and I’m so happy for you girl,” penned a follower.

Someone else added: “Girl there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what you did. My proposal got ruined and I cried so hard about it!”

Another said, supportively: “Oh you poor baby. He sounds so sweet, glad your special day worked out.”

Meanwhile a third person said: “If my proposal surprise is ruined I would be so mad.”

“That’s literally the prettiest location to get engaged omg,” said a fifth.

Deep in the comments, Peterson added, using a laughing emoji: “Most stressful day ever.”

“Thank you for being so patient,” Gordon replied.

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