Why video games are not always a warning sign in a couple

ESC + R = Escape from the red flag.

Emily Cooper, a licensed clinical social worker based in Utah and Washington, has revealed that dating video game players is not always a red flag, despite inherent negative perceptions about them.

In a one minute and 28 second clip, published on his TikTok account. @terapiabyemilyCooper explained why dating someone who enjoys video games shouldn’t be a turn-off.

“Justice for the players,” Cooper captioned the video with more than 26,000 visits.

The therapist, a fellow gamer who has been married for 10 years, admitted that there is a difference between a couple who views video games as a hobby and being addicted to a game console.

“I know a lot of people who would be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I like this guy, but he’s a player, and that bothers me a little bit,'” he said in the TikTok clip.

Many people avoid dating a gamer because they don’t want to be with someone who prioritizes gaming over their relationship.

“These are the types of players who have a hard time balancing gaming with other aspects of their lives, including relationships, school. [or] work,” Cooper explained.

Cooper believes there is a difference between an addicted gamer and someone who simply enjoys gaming as a hobby.
TikTok / @terapiabyemily

The Post has contacted Cooper for further comment.

While he is well aware of the red flags that come with dating an addicted gambler, he noted that “the important thing to remember is that not everyone is a gambler.”

He revealed that some people have self-control and know how to stay away from the game.

“There may be someone who enjoys a good video game and can also pause it to take out the trash and can also pause it to take care of the kids or go on a date or whatever,” he continued.

The therapist pointed out that someone who prioritizes games over their relationship is a red flag.
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However, Cooper admitted that she enjoys when her husband plays video games because it allows him to have the proverbial “me time.”

“I don’t want to do everything with my husband,” the therapist shared. “’If I want to see Magic Mike XXL [or] Fifty Shades of Grey, do I want it there with me for my little movie night? No, I want him playing video games.”

Many people agreed with Cooper’s views on being in a relationship with a player.

“My husband is a gamer and he’s actually so nice I don’t have to worry about him being out of the house lol,” one person joked.

“The cutest thing for me is watching my husband play video games with our kids pretending they play too,” gushed one mother.

“As a therapist who uses video games in my sessions, they can be very therapeutic and beneficial,” another added.

Cooper encouraged couples to have their own hobbies because the honeymoon period doesn’t last forever. But you should also be open to sharing your hobby with your partner, he said.

The content creator admitted that she encourages her husband to play video games when he wants to be alone.
TikTok / @terapiabyemily

“My husband is not an artistic guy, but he will 100% come with me to art galleries and will be very kind and engaged,” she explained.

“So they don’t have to like it, but can they come with you to yours? And vice versa.”

Although she is not a fan of sports games, she will attend a basketball game to support her husband’s interest while having fun.

Cooper believes that you shouldn’t gross out on someone, even if they’re your partner.

“I wouldn’t want someone to judge me for my hobbies, like reading my little fairy porn books, so I don’t want to judge anyone else for their hobbies.”

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