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Why I was disgusted by my 4 year old’s disco

A mom has been left disgusted after what she witnessed at her four-year-old’s school dance recently.

“So, picture this: I’m at the school dance, surrounded by a bunch of adorable four, five, six and seven-year-olds who are having the time of their lives, dancing away to some catchy tunes,” the mom begins her post in an advice forum.

“Everything seems great until the DJ decides to shout ‘SEXAYY’ over the speakers.”

“It’s not a nightclub”

A mother was disturbed when the DJ at a school dance encouraged the kids to be “sexy.” Getty Images

The mom clarified that the DJ didn’t just shout the word ‘SEXAY’; he said, “Some SEXAY moves and tunes here.”

He also said the phrase four or five times over the course of the night.

“Now, call me old-fashioned, but I couldn’t believe my ears. What on earth was the DJ thinking?” the mom continued. “A school disco is supposed to be a fun and innocent event for young children, not a nightclub.”

She says she understands that DJs want to create a lively atmosphere, but there’s a “time and place” for everything, and that wasn’t the case here.

“In my opinion, shouting suggestive phrases like that at a school event with four four-year-olds is just plain ridiculous,” she concludes before asking the group members to weigh in.

“Shouldn’t they be more mindful of the young audience they’re entertaining? Or am I just an old hag?”

The mother thinks the DJ should’ve taken the audience into consideration. Getty Images

“No, it’s not okay,” someone immediately reassured. “If they genuinely thought it was okay to yell ‘sexy’ at young children, then I think they need telling that’s not acceptable.”

“Bloody heck, can children not just be allowed to be children without some man bringing sex/sexiness into it?!” chimed in another.

“I’d have had a word with one of the teachers and asked what they thought. On a good day, I might go up and quietly to say something to the DJ myself.”

“That is revolting,” another stated.

“Inform senior leadership, now,” someone else concluded. “This is inappropriate.”

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