Why did Moderna sign contract for vaccines before COVID-19?

When Dr. Fauci testified before a House subcommittee on the origins of COVID-19, many thought the time had finally come for tough questions.

While the questions asked made it clear that he lied about six-foot distancing and masking — Glenn Beck knows it could, and should, have been a lot worse.

“I find this incredible that we’ve missed this,” Glenn says, noting that the government signed a contract with Moderna on December 12, 2019, that ensured the pharmaceutical company would not be held liable for its vaccines.

The contract was originally proposed in 2015.

“I’ve been through many, many high level negotiations, but I’ve never seen anything that started four years before. Coincidentally, once they find the Frankenstein virus and then they negotiate for four years, and what a coincidence, they sign it just before the breakout of COVID,” Glenn says.

Not only was the pharmaceutical company ready far before the outbreak, but Dr. Fauci had been funding gain-of-function research — which he has continuously lied about.

“There’s lie number one. Then this strange, ‘Hey let’s partner with Moderna.’ I don’t think this is normal,” Glenn continues, noting that the gain-of-function research was paid for by American taxpayers.

“Where’s the money, where’s it going? My feeling is it’s going to fund more of this,” he predicts, adding, “We already know Fauci was funding the Wuhan lab. We also recently found out that he was funding experiments that killed puppies in a gruesome way. So, what else was getting funded through government and private funds?”

After following the money trail as well as endless incriminating emails, Glenn has come to a conclusion.

“Is there any other way to describe it other than Fauci and the president’s science advisor colluding behind the president’s back, withholding information from him?” he asks.

“Fauci has already been brought in front of Congress and Rand Paul caught him in a bold-faced lie. Fauci will testify again, but it’s probably time to bring in the former president’s science advisor as well.”

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