When Kate Middleton Reportedly May ‘Discuss’ Health Issues

Kate Middleton may address concerns about her health when she begins attending public engagements again after Easter. Insiders close to the royal family told The Sunday Times why they predict the princess will open up about her medical issues once she’s back to work.

“[Kate and Prince William] are at their most open when out interacting with members of the public and I can see a world in which the princess might discuss her recovery [while] out on engagements,” a royal source said in the interview, which was published on March 16. “If she was going to do it, that’s how she would do it.”

Since having a “planned abdominal surgery” on January 16, Kate, 42, has not shared any specific information with the public about her condition. The palace confirmed on January 29 that the Princess of Wales was making “good progress” after being discharged from the hospital, but made it clear that updates would only be given when “there is significant new information to share.” 

In the palace’s initial statement about Kate’s surgery, it was revealed that she would be taking a break from her public duties until after Easter on March 31. However, a specific date for her return to the spotlight has not been confirmed. “They will want to be more clear and open, but they’ll do it when they feel ready,” another friend told The Sunday Times. “I would expect that to be her instinct and it will be her call. They’re not going to be rushed.”

Because of the family’s lack of transparency about what is wrong with Kate, the internet has been flooded with conspiracy theories about why she’s really been in hiding. The speculation intensified after Kate posted the first official photo of herself post-surgery on March 10. In the image, which the royal family shared in honor of Mother’s Day in the U.K., Kate was all smiles while posing with her three children.

However, fans quickly realized that the picture was Photoshopped and several news and photo agencies were hit with a “kill notification” to take the photo down due to concerns of manipulation. Kate later admitted to editing the picture and apologized for any “confusion” her post caused. 

A rep for the Princess of Wales addressed the chatter about Kate’s condition and why the royals were keeping so tight-lipped on February 29. “Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates,” the rep explained. “That guidance stands.”

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