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VP Down to Noem and Cruz?

(The daily Beast) With news that Donald Trump’s aides are vetting potential vice presidential candidates at Mar-a-Lago, The New Abnormal team is weighing in on who they believe he will pick to join him on the campaign trail.

Co-host Andy Levy believes Trump will opt for style over substance and choose someone who might help make him look better.

“Kristi Noem is going through all these makeovers. She’s got the new teeth, she’s got the new hair… she’s looking more and more like a Trump family member every day,” he said. “I don’t think Trump is going to go with someone like Elise Stefanik or Nancy Mace—I think he wants something that fits his version of attractive and so that’s why I just have a feeling it’s gonna be Kristi Noem.”

While producer Jesse Cannon also believes Trump will select Noem, co-host Danielle Moodie thinks the former president will try and shore up his support among the Latino community and pick one Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz.

“I think that he wants to court the Latino vote and for whatever it is that we think about Ted Cruz and his Latino-ness, I will say that he’s from a place, you know, that he needs,” Moodie said. “He has a background that he can lift up and he knows that he can insult him, his wife, and pretty much kick this guy around and he’ll just like gleefully be that cartoon sidekick that he needs and just be grateful for the opportunity to be in proximity to power. Yeah, I think he goes with Rafael.”

“There is the case that Trump is not gonna pick a woman because he wants to portray a strong man thing and go against Biden,” Cannon said. “It’s probably a pretty good case despite Ted Cruz, apparently, according to headlines today, in panic mode that he’s gonna lose his Senate seat.”

Levy said he felt that if Trump does pick a man it could be Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) or Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL)

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