Video: Kamala Harris mistakenly says NCAA women’s basketball brackets didn’t exist until 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris suffered another verbal blunder this week when she falsely proclaimed that the NCAA women’s basketball tournament was “not allowed” to have brackets until 2022.

Harris attempted to claim that March Madness is swamped with sexism, which has caused women’s college basketball to be less popular than men’s. However, the vice president bricked her sexism claim by falsely declaring that women’s college basketball teams were prohibited from having tournament brackets until 2022.

On Thursday, Harris spoke with Spectrum News at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reporter Tim Boyum noted that this year’s NCAA women’s basketball tournament had been doing “extraordinarily well.”

The Sports Business Journal reported that the women’s basketball tournament is averaging 812,000 viewers through the second round, a 108% increase from last year.

When asked whether she had been watching March Madness, Kamala responded, “I have been watching it.” Harris added that she had been watching the basketball tournament with Doug Emhoff, her husband and second gentleman of the United States.

A very confident Harris pronounced, “Do you know? Okay, a bit of a history lesson. Do you know that women were not. The women’s teams were not allowed to have brackets until 2022. Think about that.”

She continued, “And what? That. Talk about progress. You know better late than never, but progress and what that has done.”

Harris doubled down on her contention, “And even just now allowing the women to have brackets and what that does to encourage people to talk more about the women’s teams, to watch them now they’re being covered, you know, and and this is the reality people used to say are women’s sports. Who’s interested? Well, if you can’t see it, you won’t be. But when you see it, you realize, oh.”

The vice president’s office admitted to Mediaite that Harris had misspoken.

The spokesperson claimed Harris meant to say that the NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament didn’t receive March Madness marketing and branding until 2022.

However, people have been filling out women’s basketball tournament brackets since 1982 when the first NCAA women’s tournament was played.

In fact, Kamala’s husband filled out a women’s college basketball tournament bracket in 2021. Harris even retweeted Emhoff’s tweet showing a photo of his picks for the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments in 2021.

Former President Barack Obama has been filling out a women’s basketball tournament every year since 2009, according to Sports Illustrated.

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