Unhinged Democrats Are Furious About Republican Existence

A viral video of a Democrat abusing an election spokesperson on Election Day in Northern Virginia sums up how the demonization of “MAGA Republicans” and the weaponization of the court system has unhinged and energized voters on the left.

“You motherfuckers tried to overthrow the election,” growls the middle-aged blonde man in horn-rimmed glasses and cargo shorts.

“You expect me to not take that damn king personally? You try to overthrow the election with violence and then you’re here among decent people? What do you have to say about this?”

The object of their ire was Matthew Hurtt, the dashing young chairman of the Arlington County Republicans, who was handing out sample ballots along with his Democratic counterpart.

“Have a good day,” Hurtt said kindly.

The politeness only further angered the attacker, who has been identified online as a federal government employee, not surprisingly.

“What’s in your damn king?” . . Political prescriptions? The damn rights of rapists. Getting involved in people’s fucking families and their fucking rooms. “Damn animal.”

He walked away and then returned to issue a threat: “If you try to steal my vote next year, I will remember you personally.”

‘Bible-banging fanatics’

He took a photo of Hurtt and called him a “shitbird,” before returning once again to harass a passerby: “Try not to be friends with these people because they put on a good neighbor face, but they support lynch mobs and to the KKK, or they are fucking bigots and Bible-thumping fanatics.”

The Arlington man clearly has anger management issues, but his panic over the imagined threat posed by his Republican neighbors is intentional.

He is a model product of the Disinformation Industrial Complex, brainwashed and provoked by the hateful lies he has been fed about the January 6 Capitol riots and the nature of Republicans.

He is the reason Democrats work so hard to preserve their dishonest “narrative,” and that requires censoring dissenting opinions and suppressing contrary evidence, as well as planting lies in the media.

That’s why Hillary Clinton’s mouth waters when she talks about “deprogramming” her political opponents. She’s projecting again.

Stoking anger has become the Democrats’ only electoral strategy since the arrival of Donald Trump. Judging by its consecutive successes in turning red waves into blue waves, including on Tuesday, it works.

Despite having to deal with the oldest, weakest, most incompetent, dishonest, venal and unpopular president in history, Democrats have managed to subdue their voters by bombarding them with hate propaganda that labels Republicans as “white supremacists.” , “insurrectionists”, “domestic violent extremists”. ” or “ultra-MAGA” and “semi-fascists,” as Joe Biden likes to call them.

January 6 provides inexhaustible material for a demonization campaign rivaled only by abortion.

It is a milder version of the dehumanization technique used by the Rwandan government against the Tutsi minority in the run-up to the 1994 genocide, and which Hamas uses to poison Palestinian children against Jews, with the horrible results we saw on 7 October.

The distortion of abortion

But when a political party stirs up anger and hatred against a class of people for who they are or what they believe, social cohesion is impossible, and violence is often not far behind.

We see it in the faces of the people who tear down posters of little Israeli hostages. It is not rational. It is cruel and not a natural part of the American psyche.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, an affable, common-sense conservative in a vest who has politely stayed away from Donald Trump since before his surprise 2021 victory in the purple-blue state, is difficult to demonize.

So the well-funded Democratic message was all abortion and Trump-MAGA hysteria, all the time, pulled from pandering media, digital ads, text messages, emails and television commercials.

Despite Youngkin’s efforts to find a compromise on abortion by proposing a 15-week limit, with exceptions for rape and incest, his message was lost amid a barrage of Democratic lies.

“Women facing the death penalty for having an abortion!” said an advertisement.

“Women and doctors in prison!” said another.

“MAGA Republicans in Richmond want it. . . a total ban on abortion!

The New York Times trumpeted a story from “Sedition Hunters” fanatics that claimed a link between a Jan. 6 defendant and Youngkin’s 2021 campaign volunteers. Guilt by association.

Mother Jones published “How ‘Stop the Steal’ Republicans Could Take Over Virginia.”

The full press was joined by Trump’s most rabid influencers, fearing that Youngkin was a potential rival, who labeled him a “RINO” and suggested that voters stay home.

It was all ridiculous, but with only a few thousand votes at stake, the GOP came up short and gave Biden bragging rights.

“Tonight, across the country, democracy won and MAGA lost,” he boasted on X after Republicans suffered defeats in Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

Rather, hate and lies won.

Spiteful Joe

Given the damage he has caused to the country and the world, what is surprising is that Biden does not do worse in the polls.

Democrats have panicked over the latest New York Times-Siena poll showing the president trailing Trump in five of the six most important battleground states, with three-quarters of voters saying he is “too old.” .

When it comes to the cost of living, border security, and war and peace, voters are increasingly looking wistfully at Trump’s presidency, despite the demonization and legal warfare he has endured.

Biden is now clearly seen as the main divider.

If I were smart, or even half-honorable, I would preemptively pardon Trump and spare the country the agony of having the de facto Republican leader pursued in multiple jurisdictions, bankrupted, and potentially imprisoned next year. He could use the cover to pardon Hunter Biden.

He could also tell his attack dogs, Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg and Letitia James, to drop their frivolous cases against Trump. Voters would reward him with their gratitude, and history would record him as a magnanimous unifier.

But that is not in his nature. People underestimate Biden’s capacity for revenge and spite.

When asked about Trump’s mugshot, he smiled: “Handsome guy.”

Unfortunately, a country takes on the personality of its leader, so there will be no peace while Biden is in the White House.

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