Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey backs anti-Israel protesters at Columbia

Jack Dorsey has thrown his support behind the anti-Israel protesters who occupied a building at Columbia University.

The Twitter co-founder posted and shared several messages on X that were critical of law enforcement’s response to the protesters — scores of whom were arrested after they were evicted from the building by force.

Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO of the company then known as Twitter in 2021, approved of a post by left-leaning podcaster Kyle Kulinsky who compared the Columbia protesters to demonstrators who rallied against the Iraq and Vietnam wars — all of whom were “smeared and hated in the moment.”

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey expressed support for the anti-Israel protesters who were arrested by the NYPD after barricading themselves inside a building on the campus of Columbia University on Tuesday. AFP via Getty Images

“Today anybody with a functioning brain realizes they were 100% correct and the conventional wisdom was dead wrong,” Kulinsky wrote, adding that “the fact that people don’t see this is exactly what’s happening now is astonishing.”

Dorsey, who has more than 6.4 million followers on the social media platform that he co-founded and has since been rebranded X, commented on the post, writing: “Yes.”

The tech mogul also commented on a video that was posted to X showing the heavy machinery deployed by the NYPD to evict the protesters.

“The level of military equipment local police have is kinda alarming,” wrote X user Luke Rudkowski, who was commenting on a vehicle that was used to transport NYPD personnel to the protest site at Columbia University.

“This has been all over the country for over a decade,” Dorsey wrote in response to the video.

Another post by Dorsey on Tuesday expressed agreement with a comment from X user Alex Miller, who wrote: “It will never cease to amaze me how much people love state power when its on their side.”

NYPD personnel use a vehicle outfitted with a latter to evict students from Hamilton Hall on the campus of Columbia University on Tuesday. REUTERS
The demonstrators who were arrested were then loaded onto an NYPD corrections bus. John Lamparski/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Dorsey co-signed the post with an emoji indicating the number “100” with two lines drawn underneath — connoting total agreement.

His X feed on Tuesday included reposting of several comments from left-leaning and independent commentators denouncing the response to the Columbia protesters, including one from journalist Simon Ateba, who wrote that the US was “turning into a police state.”

Dorsey also reposted a comment from left-leaning journalist Caitlin Johnstone, who sarcastically wrote: “So glad Trump lost in 2020 otherwise we’d be seeing fascistic crackdowns on political dissent, police brutalizing protesters, tyrannical suppression of free speech, and the facilitation of racist and Islamophobic agendas.”

“That psycho would probably be committing genocide by now,” Johnstone wrote.

Last year, Dorsey indicated that he would support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his long-shot bid for the presidency.

In 2013, he publicly expressed support for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

NYPD officers surround the pro-Palestinian encampment on the lawn of Columbia University on Tuesday. New York Post
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators climbed a fence during a protest at City College of New York on Tuesday. Getty Images

Dorsey, who is currently CEO of fintech giant Square, has also contributed to the campaigns of Democratic primary candidates Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang — both of whom eventually left the party.

The Post has sought comment from Dorsey.

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