Trump will win if he does more speeches like the one in the Bronx

“We are going to win New York!” Donald Trump boasted at what he described as his Bronx “love fest” Thursday evening.

Well . . . maybe

But Trump’s unexpected rally did show he can win enough of the country to take back the presidency. 

First was the setting itself.

You don’t see Joe Biden flying into Texas or Louisiana for a rally; he has a hard enough time convincing registered Democrats that he’s not a failed president. 

Trump has an energized base, giving him the flexibility to, say, spend a weekend on a New Jersey beach or an evening in the Boogie Down Bronx.

He’s actively courting black and Hispanic voters, and it’s having an impact.

Democrats have taken these groups for granted for so long that Trump rightly sees that they’re hungry for change. 

Biden’s speech at Morehouse College was an appeal to victimhood, claiming that America has been and always will be a racist nation.

Trump is pitching opportunity, a better life.

Speaking of which: Trump spent part of his Bronx speech talking about his career as a real-estate developer, about perseverance, about his love of New York City.

It’s a welcome change to the parade of grievances that marked his rallies last year. 

Our advice to Trump: Do this more! Your business background was part of what appealed to voters in 2016.

People don’t just want a litany of what is wrong, they want to know how you’re going to improve their lives. 

You don’t need to win The Bronx in 2024.

But keep up the themes that you brought there, and you’ll win all the swing states you need to.

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