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Trump files lawsuit to counter efforts to remove him from the polls in Michigan

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday to counter an attempt to exclude him from the 2024 presidential election in Michigan.

The lawsuit is directed at Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, and seeks to ensure that Benson does not keep Trump off the ballot in the 2024 presidential or general elections as activists try to remove Trump’s name under the 14th Amendment.

“Despite President Trump’s tremendous popularity, there are people who want to deny Michigan voters the opportunity to express their choice by voting for him. To achieve this, they want the Secretary of State to violate her duties and exercise powers she does not have to keep President Trump’s name off the ballot. And they want to use this Court as a vehicle to do so,” the lawsuit states. saying.

Trump’s legal team is seeking a declaratory ruling that Benson does not have the authority to remove him from the ballot and for the courts to issue an injunction preventing him from doing so.

“There is a real controversy, the outcome of which will determine how President Trump and his campaign allocate their resources both in Michigan and across the country,” the lawsuit says.

Trump already reached out to Benson to ask if he would be removed from the ballot, but said he received no response.

“The Secretary’s lack of response is creating uncertainty, affecting how President Trump will allocate resources,” Trump’s lawyers said. “This uncertainty is compounded by the fact that Secretary Benson is an active member of the major opposition political party and has publicly expressed her negative views of President Trump.”

The effort to remove Trump from the ballot in Michigan it is directed filed by the leftist nonprofit Free Speech for Free Peoples, a group that filed a similar complaint in Minnesota. The argument revolves around the claim that Trump is ineligible because of section three of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits anyone from running for office who has previously taken the oath of office and then “engaged in an insurrection or rebellion against itself, or has provided help or comfort.” to their enemies.”


A similar effort has begun in Colorado, where the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington hopes to disqualify Trump from the election in the Centennial State.

The former president, who is currently the Republican Party’s leading presidential candidate, has said the efforts constitute election interference.

“This is like a banana republic,” Trump said radio host Dan Bongino. “And what they are doing is what is called electoral interference. … Now the 14th Amendment is just a continuation of that. Has no sense.”

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