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TikTok video shows ‘creepy’ men asking woman on a date after trying to sell engagement ring on Facebook

The ring is on the market, not your heart!

A woman claims she was being asked on dates by “creepy” men after posting her engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace to make some extra money.

Camille Fahrnbauer, 26, a travel nurse from Salt Lake City, Utah, put her 1.6-carat diamond ring up for sale on the social media platform after a brutal hiking accident forced her to give up her current one. nursing work due to injury.

Her husband of two years left her in February, and since the ring was worth “a couple thousand,” Fahrnbauer thought it would be a good time to sell it.

But, when the young nurse began receiving messages about the listing, instead of seeing offers from people who wanted to buy the ring, she began to be harassed by men asking to take her on a date.

In a series of messages published about her Tik Tokthe men flat out tell her that they have no interest in purchasing the ring before revealing their true intentions of messaging her.

The travel nurse was selling the ring after leaving her job due to a work injury.
Kennedy News/ @camille.fahrnbauer
Fahrnbauer’s husband had left her earlier this year and, because she was not working, put the ring up for sale.
Kennedy News/ @camille.fahrnbauer

“Hey, I’m not interested in the ring, but I’d be interested in taking you out on a date sometime. “What do you think?” a suitor asked Fahrnbauer in his inbox.

“I’m not looking for a ring yet. Would it be bold of me to try? Another man wrote.

“Hey Camille, I don’t want to buy the ring, but how about I take you country dancing and we talk about what you’re going through?” another hopeful man asked.

One man even brazenly asked the travel nurse to remarry him.

The men made it clear that they had no intention of buying the ring from her.
Kennedy News/ @camille.fahrnbauer

“To be honest, I don’t really want the ring. I’d rather use it to remarry you.”

“At first I thought the messages were funny but also a little creepy and I didn’t accept anyone’s offers. [of a date]” [When these men messaged me]”I questioned what their intentions were on Facebook Marketplace looking at engagement rings,” she said. Mirror.

The strange encounters left her questioning the “intentions” of these men and whether they were scouring the Marketplace looking for “a ring for their wife or girlfriend” or using the listings as a ploy to ask women out.

Fortunately, an honest man looking to propose to his girlfriend bought the ring.
Kennedy News/ @camille.fahrnbauer

“I was hoping that the men who messaged me weren’t in a relationship,” Fahrnbauer said.

Although a little creepy, Fahrnbauer downplayed the encounters, writing, “Ladies, delete Hinge and download Facebook Marketplace” in the caption of her TikTok.

“Everyone these days is on dating apps and I effortlessly posted about a ring on Facebook Marketplace and all these guys messaged me and asked me about dating,” she told the outlet.

Camille Fahrnbauer didn’t take the offers too seriously, joking in her caption that other women should “delete Hinge and download Facebook Marketplace.”
Kennedy News/ @camille.fahrnbauer

The travel nurse said that if the men “were good-looking and presented normally,” she “potentially would have met them in a very public setting,” but her first question would be to ask them why they were “looking at engagement rings on Facebook Marketplace.” .”

As for his ring, Fahrnbauer ended up selling it to a man who proposed to his girlfriend in Japan.

“I was sad to see the ring go, but it was also definitely a relief to have sold it and it took a weight off my shoulders.”

The travel nurse questioned whether men were using ring lists as a ploy to ask women out.
Kennedy News/ @camille.fahrnbauer

“I’m glad the ring can have a new memory,” he said.

He tiktok video has garnered more than 6.5 million views since she posted it in late October, with many in the comments joking about the strange messages.

“Is this my cue to try selling an engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace?” one woman wrote sarcastically.

“Bro invited you to dance country 😭 if that doesn’t speak, gentleman, I don’t know what,” proclaimed one user.

“Madam… the loss of your husband. Put on your boots and go dancing! commented another woman.

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