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The ‘Travis Kelce’ haircut is taking barbershops by storm

Travis Kelce’s quick rise from on-field acclaim to off-field superstardom — thanks to his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift — has also earned the Super Bowl-bound tight end the unofficial title as style icon, from his hallmark ‘stache to his viral velour pants.

Now, fans are looking to score his signature ‘do, flocking to local barbershops to demand the low skin fade — or nearly bald on the sides and ever so slightly longer on the top — and touting their fresh trims online, calling it “the Travis Kelce.”

Gabrielle Ristau, of B Klassy Barber in Kansas City, told The Post that she gets a few requests a month for the Kelce cut, and has recently seen a steady rise in buzz requests following a crew cut dry spell.

In fact, local barbers have seen photos of the Kansas City Chiefs player’s haircut shown as “inspiration.”

“Even if people don’t want the buzz cut on top, they’ll show you a picture of his fade,” Mitch Wood, of the Kansas City barbershop Venturemen, told The Post, applauding Kelce’s “talented” barber, Patrick Regan.

But fans are doing more than paying homage to their sports hero — a few may have their fingers crossed that the viral haircut will score them a date.

Travis Kelce’s crew cut has begun to achieve viral fame, as superfans flock to local barbers to secure the same ‘do.
The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has skyrocketed to stardom off the field due to his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift. GC Images

“If Taylor Swift is your girlfriend,” Wood added, “maybe people think they’ll get a new girlfriend with a sweet haircut.”

The Post has reached out to Kelce and Regan for comment.

Kelce’s reach may soon expand beyond the Missouri state lines. While the buzz cut has remained a long-standing classic in New York, Big Apple barbers are predicting an increased demand as the Super Bowl looms.

“Without a doubt, that haircut is super popular,” Thomas Napolitano, a barber at NYC-based Frank’s Chop Shop, told The Post. “It kind of always has been.”

“If Taylor Swift is your girlfriend,” Wood added, “maybe people think they’ll get a new girlfriend with a sweet hair cut.” Getty Images

The militaristic buzz cut — aptly named after the sound of hair clippers — is more popular in warmer months or among athletes and requires regular maintenance, sometimes as often as once a week.

While Napolitano’s clientele hasn’t blatantly name-dropped the famous tight end while seated in his chair, “there’s a great chance that people have this particular guy in mind” but only request the particular type of cut.

However, said Astor Place barber Steven Hammond, “if Kelce wins the Super Bowl now for the third time,” then his namesake haircut may earn national renown.

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