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The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe demands a full and thorough investigation into Cole’s disappearance and subsequent death

More details have emerged from the night that Yellowstone and 1923 actor Cole Brings Plenty went missing.

Cole was reported missing on Easter Sunday, and following a week-long search by friends, family and law enforcement, Cole was found dead on Friday (April 5th), in a wooded area not too far from his vehicle. Cole’s father confirmed that heartbreaking news via Yellowstone star Mo Brings Plenty’s (Cole’s uncle) Instagram:

“I am deeply saddened to confirm that my son, Cole, has been found and is no longer with us. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts you sent for Cole.

We would also like to thank everyone who came to walk beside us as we searched for my son and provided the resources we needed to expand our search areas. I learned this week how many people knew the goodness in Cole’s heart and loved him. During this incredibly difficult time, we ask for privacy as we process our grief and figure out how we move forward. Please know we appreciate you and appreciate your understanding.”

A day or two after it was reported that he was missing, Lawrence, Kansas, police announced that they were also looking for him in relation to a domestic violence call they received. According to KSNT, he was the primary suspect in a domestic dispute after police were alerted to a woman who was screaming for help:

“Police were called to an apartment on reports of a woman screaming for help. Upon arrival, police began investigating the claims, identifying Plenty as a possible suspect. Traffic cameras showed Plenty leaving the city immediately following this incident south on 59 Highway.”

As of right now, no cause of death has been announced and the tragic situation is under investigation.

However, according to accounts from various people who claim to have seen Cole the night he went missing, he was at a concert at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas, watching a band called Beneather when his hair became tangled in a mic cord. Someone allegedly took it upon themselves to cut his hair free, which is a serious offense to a native person.

A photo was shared to Facebook by a person named Anaya Holder:

“Our brother/ friend Cole was assaulted when his hair had gotten tangled in some wires while in a mosh pit at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS. This person was trying to help him yank the wire out and another person came up unexpectedly and with no right did they have to take it upon themselves to cut his hair.

This is hard for all of us as a Indigenous community at Haskell Indian Nations University. Our hair has value its our strength. Please pray for our brother/friend to come back home safely. We need to stand up and come together for our people no matter what! “

The incident was confirmed by the band, who later deleted the post:

“During our set on Saturday, our friend Cole was the victim of a terrible accident. He was moshing his heart our for us. He was fully, unapologetically enjoying himself until his hair became tangled in a mic cable. One individual attempted to forcibly pull his hair out of the knot and another apparently took it upon themselves to cut his hair with a pair scissors. As a native person, this is a serious violation. In the chaos, we didn’t unfortunately react quickly enough to stop it.”

When asked why it was deleted, the drummer said it was out of concerns for his privacy:

“Hey guys, my name’s Austin, I play drums in the band. I contacted his family with this information at 3am this morning around the time I made the original post and was worried there might be concerns for his privacy so I edited the original post to be more direct. I see now that it has only raised more questions and the band ultimately decided to take the post down especially after we realized he is a suspect for domestic violence which occurred after he left the venue.

We don’t wish to cause a stir or benefit from this in any way. I personally witnessed his hair being pulled and there is evidence and we will be fully transparent with the authorities about this. I’m truly really sorry for the confusion. We’re all extremely upset and disturbed by these events.”

It has also been alleged by multiple sources on social media that following the concert, he went to the woman’s house who cut his hair, someone he apparently knew, and that is where the police got called. Of course, this tragic incident remains under investigation and what may or may not have happened is pure speculation.

According to Native News Online, The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe have issued a statement regarding the tragic passing of Cole, and have demanded a thorough investigation into the matter. Their statement reads as follows:

“The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe offers its deepest sympathy and support to Cole’s family and friends. He was an exemplary example of what it means to be a good relative and we stand with you in your grief. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe demands a full and thorough investigation into Cole’s disappearance and subsequent death. Our Attorney General will be in contact with the Kansas Authority to ensure this is accomplished.

Further, to our young relatives who are students and reside in Lawrence, Kansas, we will provide further information about counseling services for anyone in need of support as information becomes available.”

Following his tragic death, his uncle Mo shared this heartbreaking tribute post:

“My nephew, Cole Brings Plenty, brought plenty of love, laughter, and light into the world. He was a special soul, and his presence will be missed deeply. May the memories of him bring joy and comfort to all those who were lucky enough to know him.”

Cole Brings Plenty has starred in an episode of Yellowstone (Season 5, Episode 4), and plays Pete Plenty Clouds in the spinoff prequel series, 1923.

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