Teen Mom’s Maci Says Adoption Is Not ‘Off the Table’

Teen Mom OG alum Maci Bookout might not be finished growing her family as she exclusively tells In Touch that adoption will “never be off the table.”

“I just know we have specific expectations and goals of what we want to be able to provide and what we want to be able to give. And we are just not in that space right now,” Maci, 32, tells In Touch. “We’re drowning with ours and everything else that right now, it’s just not realistic.”

She continues, “Even if it was fostering and not adoption – just fostering in hopes that they do find adoptive parents – I could never take it off the table. But right now it’s just not realistic for what we wouldn’t be able to give everything that would need to be given and what we want to provide. It’s just not possible right now.”

While Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, have been vocal about their desire to adopt a child in the past, Taylor, 34, says they’ve put the topic “on the back burner.”

“There was a couple years where even after Maverick, I kind of still wanted a fourth child, even though Maci didn’t. And then we had kind of brought up adoption too, but I don’t know,” he adds. “I think I know for me at some point it kind of turned where I was like, I think we’re good with three. I don’t know, a fourth one would be tough.”

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During a July 2019 episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci – who shares son Bentley with ex Ryan Edwards and children Maverick and Jayde with her husband – tried to persuade Taylor to get a vasectomy

“I would love to not be on birth control, but considering we make babies like nobody’s business, that’s not a realistic option. It’s either a vasectomy for you …” she told Taylor, who winced at the idea. She went on to say that she was “100 percent” sure she did not want more biological children, while her spouse was less than positive. 

“I’m scared that it’s a permanent decision,” he told her. “I’m not crazy about the idea of a vasectomy,” he reiterated. “I feel a little bit overwhelmed. I feel in this moment I’m not ready to make that decision.”

The couple seemed to come to an understanding as Maci later told Us Weekly in April 2020, “We’re both also very respectful of how the other one feels about it. We’re on the same page as far as it being OK that we’re on different pages.”

“We talk about it a lot. And, I mean, nothing’s really changed as far as our opinions go, but that’s OK. As time goes on, we’ll come to some sort of actual resolution or agreement. But, I mean, for now, I think just as long as we keep talking about it even when we’re not on the same page, it’s best,” she added. 

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