Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout Reveals Son Bentley’s Post-HS Goals

Teen Mom OG Maci Bookout’s son Bentley is a talented athlete and the reality TV star and her husband, Taylor McKinney, exclusively give In Touch a look into Bentley’s post-high school goals involving sports.

“He would probably like to play baseball or golf in college,” Taylor, 34, reveals.

“Baseball would be his top pick,” chimes in Maci, 32. “Golf would be a very close second. I know for a fact he does not want to wrestle past high school, which is totally okay and good, but I think he appreciates what wrestling gives him in baseball and golf. It just makes him better at just being a human being too.”

The couple also spilled details on where Bentley might want to go to college, but pointed out that nothing was set in stone just yet.

“He might have a couple schools that would be a dream go,” Maci says as Taylor adds, “Being a Tennessee fan, he’d like to go to the University of Tennessee. But I know he’s made mention to me [that] he finds it interesting if he went off to college somewhere out of state too.”

Maci picks up on Taylor’s line of thinking and adds, “I think he is very much still open-minded about all of it. But I would say I think his goal is to definitely get an athletic scholarship and possibly an academic scholarship to cover the rest of it and just go to school and be able to play a sport. I don’t think he’s really specific and narrowed it down. I just think he’s like, that’s his dream. If I got to get there, I got to get there. So whatever that looks like, it looks like that, but that’s the goal.”

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While Bentley might be headed off to college in a few years, Maci previously told In Touch that she and Taylor weren’t positive they were done growing their family just yet and that “adoption will never be off the table,” even if it wasn’t right for them at the moment.

“I just know we have specific expectations and goals of what we want to be able to provide and what we want to be able to give. And we are just not in that space right now,” the mom of three said. “We’re drowning with ours and everything else that right now, it’s just not realistic.”

She continued, “Even if it was fostering and not adoption – just fostering in hopes that they do find adoptive parents – I could never take it off the table. But right now it’s just not realistic for what we wouldn’t be able to give everything that would need to be given and what we want to provide. It’s just not possible right now.”

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