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The court in New York is currently trying Donald Trump on charges that are completely specious — charges that, effectively speaking, he paid off Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election for electoral purposes as opposed to personal purposes, charges that have not been sustained by any sort of federal criminal prosecution against Trump.

What is all that really about?

What it’s about is humiliating Donald Trump.

I don’t know why Democrats seem to think this is going to affect Trump in any way, shape, or form. Trump has been part of the seamier side of American politics and business for decades. There’s a reason he was in a tape for Playboy. There is a reason he was seen as a Studio 54 guy for years and years.

It’s not as though Trump has led the most pristine sexual life. And no one at this point is surprised by any of the allegations that were made in court yesterday.

But that did not stop Democrats from dragging Stormy Daniels into court. She is the heroine of the Republic because, as it turns out, all it takes to be a heroine in American life now is to be a porn star who has sex with a married man and then effectively blackmails that married man for money.

And then, when the deal fell through, Daniels decided to go public with all of that to harm him.

That is what heroism truly is, so long as that married man is a Republican. If the married man is a Democrat, as we all know, it’s time to wreck the woman. If that married man is Bill Clinton, then it’s time to completely wreck Monica Lewinsky’s life. That is how this works.

All of this came to a head yesterday.

Prior to going into court yesterday, Trump suggested all of this was coming out of the “crooked Biden White House.” The orders may not have come directly from the White House, but it is very clear that Democrats in the city of New York have decided they are going to engage in electoral interference. That’s what this stupid case is.

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Trump went into the courtroom where the judge, who is absolutely oriented against Trump at this particular trial, decided to allow the testimony of Stormy Daniels.

To be extremely clear, there is no legal reason Stormy Daniels had to testify. She brought nothing useful to the court. There was no reason whatsoever for her to be in the courtroom. Whether or not she had sex with Trump is completely irrelevant to the charges that are being brought because they are about whether he — via his lawyer Michael Cohen — paid her off prior to the election and then reimbursed Cohen after the election, and whether it was a campaign finance expense as opposed to a personal payoff designed to quash the rumors so as not to bother his wife, Melania.

The case the defense is making is that this is the kind of payment that is constantly made in American life. It can’t just be pinned on the election.

The case the prosecution is trying to make is that this was all about stealing the 2016 election by silencing Daniels, as though any of the Daniels material coming out prior to the 2016 election would have saved Hillary Clinton, which we know is not the truth because there was a tape of Trump talking about grabbing women by their genitals and he still won. You think a tryst with a porn star would have changed the outcome in 2016?

Daniels talked about her sexual tryst with Trump in 2006. Now, you may be asking yourself, isn’t the year 2024? Wasn’t this affair almost two decades ago? What the hell are we talking about Trump’s 2006 sex life for?

That’s because you’re a rational human being. We’re talking about Trump’s 2006 sex life because the Democrats need some hook to hang their hat on to claim he’s a convicted felon. They charged him with 34 counts of felony campaign finance violation in the city of New York.

The plan was to get Stormy Daniels in the room saying shameful things about Donald Trump.

This whole thing was a put-up job. It was all designed so Daniels could unspool this bizarre story about the one time she slept with the future president, the time she spanked him with a rolled up magazine.

Her original story was that they had this awkward encounter she didn’t really enjoy, but she didn’t say no. Now, she treats it as though it’s a quasi-rape.

During her testimony, Daniels stated, “I was staring at the ceiling. I didn’t know how I got there.”

Really? She went up to his room and then didn’t say no as he had sex with her. She has had sex with people on camera for a living. This was not her first rodeo.

The attempt to turn Daniels into a resistance hero is quite pathetic. It’s designed to be a laugh line for the Left wing, which is why journalists spent the day guffawing at Trump.

I’m going to put it out there as a warning to people on the Left laughing at Donald Trump: The last time you laughed at Donald Trump, when Barack Obama made a joke about him at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Trump got angry, ran for president, and became president.

So good luck with the laughter.

If this is the best the Democrats have, they ain’t got nothing.

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