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Stanley Offers TikTok User New Car After Viral Video Shows Dryer Withstood Car Fire

“Built for life,” is thermos manufacturer Stanley’s marketing slogan, and it looks like one TikTok user has proven it.

A TikTok video that appears to show a Stanley glass surviving a car fire relatively unscathed has gone viral, and the company has received so much publicity that it has promised to buy a replacement vehicle for the car’s not-so-unfortunate owner.

The viral video was uploaded on Wednesday by Danielle, whose username is @danimarielttering, and has generated almost 60 million views.

The video shows the interior of the woman’s charred Kia that was ruined by a fire the day before, but features a nearly pristine Stanley glass amid the ruins.

Stanley’s glasses, according to the company’s website, can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours and icy for up to 48 hours, although it makes no mention of fire survival.

Danielle’s bronze tumbler looks in good condition with only some ash and debris on its cover, despite the fire the day before that appears to have destroyed the interior of the car.

“Are you thirsty after you caught fire? @Stanley 1913 no problem, I got it,” she wrote in the video caption.

In the TikTok video, the Stanley glass appears almost completely unscathed after withstanding the car fire.
The viral video has generated almost 60 million views since its publication.

The TikTok user then takes the glass out of the car holder and shakes it a little to noticeably reveal the sound of ice inside. “It still has ice,” he says.

“I need Stanley to start making cars,” one poster jokingly wrote, while others began asking Stanley to sponsor the woman or give her free merchandise.

Since the video generated millions of views, the company responded with a video of its own and posted the viral video to its TikTok page on Thursday.tcHe closed with a video from Terence Reilly, global president of Stanley.

Stanley president Terence Reilly shared that he would buy the woman a new car after the video went viral.

Thanks for sharing your video. It really shows that our Stanleys are made to last a lifetime because [of] what happened to you,” Reilly said.

“I couldn’t think of a better example of the quality of our product.”

He noted how company officials had been reading messages on TikTok asking for the woman to receive some free products.

Danielle responded to the offer on Friday by thanking the company.

“Well, we’ll send you some Stanleys, but there’s one more thing,” Reilly said.

“We have never done this before and probably never will again, but we would love to replace your vehicle. So, check your direct messages for more details. Thank you, take care, greetings.”

Danielle responded to the offer in another TikTok video on Friday thanking the company.

“Wow… I saw the video of President Stanley, I almost fainted,” he said.

“That’s crazy, I can’t believe they’re buying me a car, I mean the Stanley was the only one that survived the car fire.”

“It’s in the garage, I’m going to keep it as a souvenir,” he said of his glass. “I feel very, very grateful and I feel incredibly blessed.”

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