Sopranos actress Drea de Matteo says Biden is divisive, liberal Hollywood elites are afraid to speak out

“The Sopranos” actress Drea de Matteo said that Hollywood elites are “petrified” to voice any skepticism against President Joe Biden.

“I think the far left own Hollywood. I think we all know that. All we have to do is follow the money,” de Matteo said during an appearance on “Varney & Co.

“I do know that people are tired of it, and there are very few people that are willing to speak out,” the actress added. “They probably will vote Republican, and that’s people who would never normally, but people are afraid. This doesn’t feel like a democracy anymore.”

De Matteo – best known for her role as Adriana La Cerva in “The Sopranos” – explained that she “was always very anonymous” when it came to politics. She even said she still considers herself to be a liberal on certain issues.

However, she felt the need to talk about “freedom.”

“Then all of a sudden, I was speaking the truth about my situation, which led to more and more freedom talks, talking about freedom,” de Matteo told host Stuart Varney. “A lot of people have been so focused on these social issues these days. And the social issues are what’s tearing everybody apart. And I think we need to be focused on the global issue and what is really going on behind the facade. And I don’t think a lot of my friends recognize that yet.”

“I accidentally spoke out. I had no intentions of being this person on Fox News ever in my life,” she continued.

De Matteo said many Hollywood actors are “petrified” to voice any criticisms of President Biden.

She said of Biden, “The man needs to take a rest. They need to stop using him as the poster child for their agenda. He’s not here. It’s like putting my mother out there. She has dementia. It’s sad, it’s not humane.”

De Matteo accused the Biden administration of being divisive.

“I feel like the Biden administration was used to divide people. I think that the division in America is beyond — and I don’t think that we know really where it’s coming from,” she declared. “I doubt that it’s just an old man who doesn’t even know he’s reading half the time. I don’t think he’s making any of these executive decisions on social issues.”

De Matteo said the Biden administration’s focus on left-wing social issues was a distraction from issues that are monumental for everyday Americans.

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Drea De Matteo: Hollywood elites are ‘petrified’ to speak out against

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