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Smug Rather Goes after Trump and his voters

Dan Rather — the former CBS News anchor who fell from grace over a story about former President George W. Bush that relied on forged documents — doesn’t seem to be quietly riding off into the sunset at age 92.

In a span of six hours Wednesday, Rather dropped two bombs on social media — one post about former President Donald Trump and a second post about pro-lifers.

Around 11 a.m. he let loose with this: “It’s not about politics. I’ve voted for both parties. It’s about me, as a patriot, rejecting a cheating, lying, racist, treasonous, fascist, vile man to lead the country I love. It’s really that simple

Then around 5 p.m. Rather got this in his head: “Not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve never seen long lines up of pro-lifers lining up to be foster parents”

As you might guess, Rather’s comments attracted quite a bit of attention.
While he boasts a bevy of fans on social media who replied to his posts like happy lapdogs, not everybody was on Rather’s frequency.

‘You are fake news’
Rather also posted his Trump takedown on X, and some notable users took issue with him:

• “You are fake news, Dan. Everyone knows,” political commentator Gunther Eagleman reacted.
• NewsBusters — focusing on Rather’s “it’s not about politics” line — asked, “How dumb do they think we are?”
• Comedian Jimmy Dore wrote, “He says this to distract you from the fact that Biden & the establishment are currently torturing & killing Julian Assange & Obama used the Espionage Act to prosecute journalists more times than all previous presidents combined. F*** @DanRather & the corporate media he loves, they are the enemy of the people.”

Others echoed those sentiments:
• “Dan Rather is against Trump? Well all the more reason I support Trump then,” one commenter said.
• “Dan Rather is an unhinged left wing nutter propagandist,” another user declared.
• “Dan Rather is the godfather of fake news and misinformation,” another commenter opined. “Rather is a cheerleader for democrats.”
• “Dan Rather is a liar. It’s a proven fact. It cost him his job,” another user stated.
‘You are just lining your pockets’
In reaction to Rather’s post skewering pro-lifers for supposedly not stepping up as foster parents, while it appears most commenters gleefully agreed with him, a number of others didn’t see things Rather’s way:
• “I know multiple pro life couples who have not only fostered kids, but I’ve known pro-life couples who adopted children, too,” one commenter stated.
• “Disagree. Most of the foster parents I know are pro-life. It’s part of why they feel called to love those children,” another commenter wrote.
• “Mr. Rather, respectfully, there are more pro-life evangelicals lining up at adoption & foster care centers than any other group in the country,” another commenter pointed out. “I have 6 families in my little church alone who have adopted or are serving through foster care and am personally in the process with my wife right now. While there are certainly those who are pro-life in name only, for the vast majority of evangelicals, I don’t think your take is either fair or accurate.”
• “You are just lining your pockets with this engagement on this page,” another commenter fired back. “I would say that most people that foster and adopt are pro-life! Good grief! …”
• “Ah, so the logic for all you peeps is if the baby isn’t wanted, its a burden, kill it, then blame the peeps who are pointing out the obvious for not offering to take care of the baby you want to kill,” another commenter replied with just a tad of sarcasm. “It’s their fault you believe killing the baby is the solution… wow.. you are all so virtuous. Who would have thought…”

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