Sister Wives Stars Who Have Donated to Politicians

From Donald Trump to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sister Wives stars are known for their controversial lifestyles and it’s only natural that they have strong political opinions. Taking their political activism even further, some have donated to their favorite candidate’s campaigns.

Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown is an avid supporter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 presidential campaign. In Touch exclusively confirms that the mom of six donated three times in 2023 toward John F. Kennedy’s nephew’s presidential run for a total of nearly $700.

The Sister Wives’ star donated $206 on June 29, 2023, $240 on September 26, 2023, and $247 on December 31, 2023.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running for the prestigious office as an independent, becoming estranged from the Democratic party in the 2010s “as it drifted from its traditional values.”

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s career of public service began in 1985 as an attorney for the environmental nonprofit RiverKeeper. He eventually became one of the most influential environmentalists in the United States, receiving TIME Magazine’s ‘Hero of the Planet’ and the Sartisky Peace Award,” his official biography states. “Bobby has spent nearly 40 years fighting corrupt corporations and government agencies.”

Kody Brown

Kody’s political views are seemingly different from those of his ex-wife. The father of 18 has donated to a variety of Republican politicians in the last four years including Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy and Kari Lake.

The TLC personality’s last political donations date back to 2023. Kody supported entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy’s candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. The Wyoming native donated $520 in August 2023, months before Vivek withdrew from the race on January 15, 2024.

The pharmaceutical entrepreneur ran his campaign on the slogan of a “New American Dream,” and was inspired by Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

“Vivek is an American business leader and New York Times bestselling author of Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” his official biography stated. “Left leaning media has called him one of the ‘intellectual godfathers of the anti-woke movement’ (Politico) and the ‘right’s leading anti-ESG crusader’ (Axios and Bloomberg). He was dubbed ‘The C.E.O. of Anti-Woke,’ by The New Yorker.”

On September 30, 2022, Kody donated $500 to Republican senator Kari Lake. Only one day earlier, Kody donated an additional $500 to Kari’s campaign.

Kody’s earliest donations date back to Donald Trump in 2020. In 2020, Kody donated four times to the Trump campaign, totaling $1,000.

Reporting by Nate Grant

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