Scumbag Nathan Wade doesn’t give a damn about democracy, like ALL Trump’s prosecutors

Want more proof that not a single, solitary member of the lawfare corps prosecuting ex-prez Donald Trump has the nation’s best interests at heart?

Look no further than Nathan Wade, the disgraced special prosecutor in the Georgia elections case against Trump — forced out because of his 100% unethical office romance with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (who should have gotten the boot too, but that’s another editorial). 

“Workplace romances are as American as apple pie,” Wade smirked in an ABC interview. “It happens to everyone. But it happened to the two of us.”

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade sitting in court during a hearing in Atlanta on March 1, 2024. Alex Siltz/Pool via USA TODAY NETWORK

Yeah, Nathan — getting hired by your secret lover despite lacking relevant experience as she prosecutes a hugely important case “happens to everyone,” as does getting the chance to rack up close to $700,000 in fees. 

Spending big bucks on romantic getaways with said paramour/boss is “as American as apple pie,” especially when (like Wade) you drop more than $6,000 on travel to places like Aruba in October and November 2022 alone. 

As is, we suppose, dodging and obfuscating and squirming until finally the truth catches up to you — and then when it does, not showing an ounce of humility over your glaringly obvious wrongdoing. 

He even had the audacity to tell his ultimate victim, Fulton County taxpayers, to go pound sand. 

“When you are in the middle of it, these feelings are developing and you get to a point where the feelings are so strong that you start to want to do things that really are none of the public’s concern,” he said.

Bzzzt: When you’re a public servant, all your professional activities are the public’s concern. And you’re the one who brought your sordid little affair into the office.

These people are the true menaces to the democracy they crow about, not Trump. 

So (in a perverse way) we should be grateful to Wade and his numbskull arrogance for proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

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